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Where would do scooter repair? I just hit by a stupid driver

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by scootergal76, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. Just had an accident with a stupid driver. Somehow it's bad luck for me, lucky for her!!!

    I was heading home turned into Tunstall rd from Doncaster Rd, half min away from home. A stupid driver didn't look before she turn right into Tunstall rd at T section (supermarket carpark entrance), I was going straight down on Tunstall rd, lucky I used to slow down prepare for a coming up speed hump.
    I saw she keep turning out even I am heading down, she was't going to stop and try to speed up when she realized I was coming, so I try my best to stop my scooter because I don't have enough room for counter steering with the oncoming traffic.
    But my scooter and me still hit her car (driver's door). It was so lucky for her, cause I was RIDING, not DRIVING, otherwise she would be in Hospital for sure by her stupid driving habbit (turn without checking the road is clear).

    Lucky it wasn't fast, so just a "Bang" rather than a "BIG BANG", and I am fine (I think so, my arm is a bit sore) I didn't fall off.

    I got all her info, I told her to call her insurance to log a claim, lucky she did rang and gave me the 3rd party claim no.. Then I rang RACV, they asked me to get a quote from any bike repairer and they contact RACV with that claim no., they will get someone to inspect my scooter.

    As I read a post by undii (not too sure!?) the woman who lock his bike down ran away after a quick stop without exchange any details. We were in the middle of the road, and I asked her to move to the side then we can exchange details, once she drive, I'd make sure at least I would have her Rego no. and there was witness who came to me check I am ok or not. (but he gone when I push my scooter to the side)

    Actually i wonder in this case, would the claim go smooth? even if the total for repair is less than her excess? Because I don't have Insurance for my scooter, never deal with that kind of situation, used to have comphensive all the time for my car.

    So anyone know a bike repairer would do scooter repair? especially my scooter not a common model in Australia. Who do a better job for bike repair? as it's not my fault, I don't need to pay for it, price not a big issue.

  2. Jeez, not good :(

    Glad your OK, and at least she claimed and gave you the claim number.

    Now that you have the details (you show good composure to make sure to get the number plate 8) ) and have contacted the insurance I doubt there's any way they can get out of it. To be sure, make a diary entry with times, basic conversation and who you spoke to.

    Sorry I can't help with the a repair place, but good luck.

  3. bummer about the bingle :cry:
    good to hear your in one piece though :)
  4. It's ok, thanks anyway.

  5. Yeah! But I was more concern about her!! Coz she can kill herself on the road with that driving habbit (not check before turn or change lane)

    For sure if I was driving my A4, she would be at least halfy death with her 87' Holden.
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  7. i used to live in east doncaster as well, and when I stacked once on high street in kew the guys at camberwell motorcycles were great getting me back on the road (incl pickup service!) they sell/service/repair scooters as well.
  8. :( Good to see you came out of it realatively unharmed.

    Defiantely sounds like no fault lies with you so if her insurance company starts really being barstards you might like to talk to the below people.

  9. thanks for help!

    ohh... hope i dont need to talk to them! :p
  10. quote] Yeah! But I was more concern about her!! Coz she can kill herself on the road with that driving habbit (not check before turn or change lane) [/quote]

    Your one little angel sent from heaven scooter gal. Not once in your post have you shown any malace toward the driver at fault, your only concern was for her welfare and very little for your own. Most other people would be ready to remove and crush a persons splean given your situation. Good on you for your controlled composure. It's a shame there not more people like you in the world. Good luck in getting your scooty fixed. :wink:
  11. Mick, why you post the same message 4 times? :p

    Actually after the accident, first thing after she got out from her car, I wasn't pick my scooter up, I blamed on her very hard!!! I yelled on her about the way she drive and she must look and check before turn. She might be scared of my anger (only 19yrs old driver), she kept said Sorry and she didn't saw me.

    I was concern about her but I express with my anger and how stupid she is, told her she will get kill or in Hospital for sure if I was driving a car. I told (order) her to ring her insurance for a claim, after half hour, she rang me and gave me the claim no.

    :p :wink:
  12. An angel you say :? :LOL:

    Good you hear you came out of that in one piece. She was in the wrong and everyone can understand you for being upset and angry with her, I mean that biatch nearly killed you FFS :evil: (or it seemed so at the time).

    Give her the quote and she can decide whether she elects to make a claim or pay you the quote herself, [Dr Spoc]a highly logical choice[/Dr Spoc]. I'm sure it will work out fine for you.

    By the way, did you go to the doctors to get your arm checked out. Better to be safe then sorry. If there are any injuries, your treatment and rehab are coverd by the TAC insurance that's paid by everyone's vehicle rego.
  13. Yeah I did report police for record, been to doctor for check up, she said just muscle pain after accident, will be fine, but at least got that for record as well.
  14. Sorry about the four post, was the stupid puter saying message not sent??? or maybe the stupid operator. :? Well a wolf dressed in sheeps clothing, good to here your ok none the less.