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Where were the police today?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Whitey, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Just wondering who came across the police today with their Easter blitz. I rode with a mate today and got to Healesville at about 9.30 and there were no bikes around. By the time we left the bakery 3 bikes had turned up. Did the Black Spur to Marysville, Reefton Spur and then into Warburton for lunch.

    Only got held up by traffic once on the Black Spur and no traffic on Reefton other than the 5 4wd's coming the other way halfway on our side of the road. We saw one unmarked police car coming out of the station there only because we were having lunch opposite the station. Cruised home after that and saw no police or cameras anywhere.

    I'm sure they were out there somewhere but we kept everything sensible today.

  2. They were out alright.
    TMU doing the laps on Black Spur. Unmarked blue BMW had a car pulled up just after Coldstream. He took the car into the roadside stop well off the main road.
  3. i seen a few at krispy kremes today
  4. Plenty around Beaconsfield Parade, moto cops pulling over motorbikes left, right and centre.
  5. spent a bit of today driving round ringwood and that area, saw a couple in cars, if only i still had my bike i know where i woulda been :(
  6. none on Macquarie Pass or Jamberoo

    then again, the traffic was so thick ....
  7. I did 250klms today, passed two speed cameras (that I know of!!) one police bike and car.
  8. I went there late and there were none, but was told there some on the pass early in the day, but with the traffic they'd be getting nobody for any speed
  9. Seems most of the locals have left the Gold Coast as the southerners invade, the roads were eerily quiet.
    With the 200kms or so I did, not a copper in sight. Made a nice change! :D
  10. Never seen so many cars, boats, caravans, 4WDs on the road before, it was like peak hour even on back country roads.
  11. Went for a nice drive yesterday. Stopped in at Eltham to feed the family pets, then cruised out through Diamond Creek-Kinglake-Toolangi-Healesville and back. We didn't see a single speed camera and probably two police cars. One a divvy van and one a 4x4.

    We didn't need the police to slow us down yesterday anyway... the tourists took care of that. :censored:

  12. Hume Hwy was a traffic jam, only one marked car, but the High Country (Hotham/Dinner Plain) has one Candy Apple green Highway Patrol car and two unmarked utes.

    A friend drove all the way from Albury at 95kph, then got done by one of the utes for an obscured rear plate. Small fine, but 3 demerit points :(
  13. Monavale road, yesterday both in the morning and arvo - radar traps setup (with police vehicles hidden in sidestreets, cops poking hairdriers around the corner). So much for police visibility!

    Pulling over one car they nearly caused a pileup as the cop just jumped out in front of the car, leaving everyone behind smashing the brakes. Nearly got rear ended by a 4wd which screeched to a stop a few mm behind me on the bike.

    So glad the police are there to protect us during this time :tantrum: I lodged an official complaint with them yesterday.. ****ers.
  14. If you see them their not doing their job.
  15. I just got back from the black spur then, and only saw one cop at healsville but that was it. Unless of course I missed seeing them hiding out behind the bushes. Maybe they are giving us a break.... doubtful, methinks that is a little too idealisitc ](*,)
  16. My girlfriend has a theory that because it's an election year, they are telling us that they are out in force with cameras and Police to make us all behave, but in reality they don't want to be too heavy handed or nobody will vote for them.

  17. didnt see the good friday ride then? over 500 bikes in diamond creek
  18. I saw several hundred in Kinglake. Was that them?
  19. Hewish Rd, Croydon - beat up freen "P" plated VN/VP commonwhore doing a burnout outside the pool, cops just up the road nabbed him, car was being loaded on to a tilt tray as I was leaving...YeeHaaawww - idiot.
  20. Just did the Bells line for lunch at Lithgow and only saw one car parked up as you enter Lithgow. None all the way from coogee and back?? Stuff all cars on that rd today as well, perfect ride!