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Where to watch MotoGP in Melb

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by techno, May 30, 2006.

  1. I will be in Melbourne this coming weekend and I want to see MotoGP from Mugello. I think its on Foxtel at about 7PM.

    Anyone know of a good bar or other place to watch it. I don't really want to stay up late to catch it on Ten.
  2. You can always go to Crown and watch it on the big screen TV's or just got to a local pub.. Most have Fox Sports showing..
  3. Hey Techno,

    I definately want to watch it, so if you or anyone picks a good spot, ill be there... (Somewhere close to the city though) :wink:
  4. The Glenferrie Hotel in Hawthorn played it on the weekend of Lil's birthday....
  5. If it's close to the city, I'd be in! Nothing like watching the races in good company with a few beers.

    I'm not a huge fan of Crown (matter of principle and dislike of trackie dacks), any other ideas?
  6. Yeah im not a fan either...


    Does anyone know the exact time and day??? Cant remember :oops: :p
  7. if someone finds a spot ill be in for sure! ive missed the last few races cause we dont have pay TV and ive fallen asleep in front of the TV waiting for the start.
  8. Taken from the foxtel guide for Sunday

    6.45pm Live: Motorsport: MotoGP Italy Mugello Italy Mugello
    Racing. PREMIERE A blend of slow and fast turns with sweeping curves, long straights and off-camber corners make Mugello one of the most challenging circuits for the riders and engineers.
  9. Rolla and I will be home watching it on the box :)
  10. lol, me too.

    Not a fan of trackie dacks either....

    Going for a dirtbike ride on sunday but would like to watch the race also.....
  11. Ok Peeps,

    Called around and not many places are showing the MotoGP :cry:
    SPoke to a guy @ Gunn Island Hotel in Middle Park and he said that if i can confirm the date he'll book it in for us on one of the TV's...

    Only prob is that its not on a big screen....

    ANy other suggestions????
  12. yeah I went to Crown to watch the footy once on that really big screen. Couldn't stand to do it for too long as it gave me a pain in the neck looking up at it.

    6.45 sounds like a good time. I will be in the city area so I might not make it if its in the 'burbs as I don't have transport.

    It would be good if we could organise somewhere to go.
  13. maybe try giving the glenferrie a call..

    surely someone knows of a bar somewhere close to the city with a sports bar that they can put it on for us to watch it!!!!
  14. The Grace Darling on Smith St might put it on. They have foxtel and are a pretty cool place to watch sports. Just depends on whether they "have" to have the footy on I guess.
  15. The guys have put it on for me at swan hotel richmond before
  16. i work at the rising sun in richmond (corner of burnley and swan), we got quite a few TV's and a nice big projector tv in the lounge/resturant. if i'm working or my mate mick we always have the bikes on. i'm not working but mick is. just ask one of the staff if they can put it on. they are usually pretty cool. there is a little bit of bike parking on the footpath. just don't block the atm, my boss cracks it when i do.

    enjoy guys, i might come join u

    sunday nite is parma and pot for $10. 6-9pm
  17. Ok Guys, can someone tell me the date??????

    Ive got a tentitive booking at the Glenferrie Hotel but i need to confirm the date!
    NB - They've got Plasma's
  18. hey mate.. its on at 645PM, sunday 4/6/06 on fox sport 1 :)
  19. yep the rising sun sounds excellent jadey :wink: even better cause its like 1 min walk from my house :LOL: :LOL: and they got fox sprts there too guys and parma and pot for 10$ wooohoooo awesome stuff. i must mention Jadey did serve me up a nice steak an chips lastnight :grin: hmmm hmm hmmm yummy :p
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