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Where To Watch Moto gp in melbourne 2011

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by rodsmetal, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    Is there a place in melbourne thay bikers get together to watch Phillip island Moto Gp .
    I am thinking the crown casino or something. For people who are not into big crowd's .
    Any suggestions, two adventure riders from A.C.T. need a place to go.

  2. As in the Phillip Island event or just motogp in general?
  3. there was a get together that had been running for a few years.

    you could always revive that thread/night;

    you don't have to use the same venue,
    as it has shifted a couple of time over the years.

    all you have to do is reignite the interest.
  4. Surely if you're travelling 650k's in the first place to get to Melbourne, why not add odd another 140k's (or thereabouts) and watch it in the flesh?

    I know you say you want to avoid big crowds, forget the casino and get to the Island. We promise to be on our best behaviour.
  5. If you're in Melbourne, just walk to the pit straight to watch it live.


    You'll be a bit parched after the hike. I recommend refreshing with a Cinzano.
  6. I agree nothing as good as in the flesh you made the effort to get to Melb bite the bullet an really enjoy the passion it's addictive