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Where to take xbox360 to be repaired??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Azz, May 25, 2007.

  1. Does anyone on here know any place that fixes xbox360's??

    My cousin has one (and it's had firmware upgrade) and is currently "broken". As it's had the firmware upgrade, the warranty is void so he can't take it to M$ to be fixed and has asked me if I knew anywhere that could take a look at it and give him a diagnosis?

    Would greatly appreciate any advice (other than take it to the nerdy asian guy at the market) from anyone that knows or knows of someone good to take it to?!!

    [EDIT] update: my cousin didn't get a chip, he had the firmware upgraded so he could play back up games... as for being "broken" (in my cousin's very own technical words), it had the 3 red light problem and was overheating... both have been fixed now by Global Consoles in Dandenong.
  2. any good market will have some asian dude who will fix it
  3. Define a "good" market?

    I've sent someone to a market before to have a PS2 chipped, the PS2 then started playing up and when he took it back to the market he had it chipped at the guy was no longer there. The phone number he got from the guy when he got it chipped no longer or existed, or maybe never did exist?

    It's an xbox360 and worth a fair bit of money, to him a $600 machine is a lot of money... so he really doesn't want to take pot luck with a guy at the market who may not be there in the future if something goes wrong it?

    There's lots of repairers in the trading post that he can take it to, but I first wanted to put a shout out on here to see if anyone had taken their xbox360 to get repaired anywhere, or knew someone that had and could recommend somewhere?

    Thanks for your post anyway, as a last resort he knows that the market guys are an option...
  4. What chip do you have??????? Seeing as you don't need a chip to play "back up games" you have me confused. Unless it's the chip so you don't need to pull apart the xbox 360 each time you need to do a firmware "flash" i.e when M$ releases updates for firmware. Unless your cousin was told you need to chip the xbox 360 to play backed up games, then they have been ripped off!

    Also, sorry for those SMS' dude, my phone is f*cked and I couldn't send a proper reply. That's why it sent empty sms'. And with the pain meds/hazy memory issue, I'd remind myself to PM you on here when I remembered about the phone but I'd forget actually do it when I get to use my computer (laptop has been playing up as well so I've spent a lot of time diagnosing the issue.. hardware problems.. so it's back in the shop for warranty repair)

    I'm (painfully) typing stuff on my desktop atm, it sucks because of the angle/desk/my shoulder injury makes it PAINFUL to use it.. :(
  5. [EDIT:] Sorry no chip, had firmware upgrade...

    All good :LOL: no biggy... I get it all the time, that's the painful thing of being named Aaron and being the first name in almost all of my friends phones ](*,)

    Same... although I can't sit for long with my back being as it is at the moment, so mostly I'm standing at my computer desk reading and posting stuff on here... must get laptop!! Can't believe your shoulder's still in the same condition... that really sucks!!
  6. So, what should I tell my cousin about the xbox360??
  7. There is a shop in Dandenong that fixes them don't know whether that is close to you or not but if so let me know and I will dig up the number for you. But would imagine if the motherboard is f*#&$* then it will be quite expensive cause my sons average XBox motherboard went and it was gunna cost $150 to fix it. Good luck finding a fix it man for good price.
  8. Yeah Dandenong is just around the corner from my cousin, if you could dig the number up for me that'd be great.

    I haven't spoken to him in the last few days, but assume he hasn't had it priced or fixed as yet?? I'll pass on any details to him as they come... thanks for the help guys!!
  9. Hey dude,

    Any chance of you getting that number/addy for me?? Got my cousins xbox for him to get repaired...
  10. Found out today that my cousin didn't get a chip installed in his xbox 360, he only got the firmware update and that's what caused it to stop working...

    The manufacture date on it is 2006-02-04 so he should've got it fixed under warranty as I believe getting the firmware update doesn't void your warranty?? Looking into this more for him now as he doesn't have internet access...

    Should his xbox 360 still be covered under the statutory warranty if it's only just gone over the 12months warranty?? Any help/clarification would be greatly appreciated!! :)
  11. I take it that the upgrade was an officially sanctioned upgrade from Microsoft?
    If so, what were the terms and conditions of said "firmware"?

    I take it that it would not have said "if we manage to root your xbox during this upgrade, we are not to blame"

    I'd be pursuing the "you suckers broke it, you fix it" mentality
  12. As far as I know, the firmware upgrade to enable burnt games to be played isn't an officially sanctioned upgrade? I'm just learning about what the upgrade was for now, and trying to find out what went wrong??
    I believe the place that did the upgrade was one of those you find advertised in the trading post, the ad probably said something like "1 year guarantee" or "lifetime guarantee" on work performed etc etc?? As I was reading a lot of the trading post ads today and they're all along those lines...

    I don't know how pushy my cousin was with taking his xbox back to the place that did the upgrade for him, if it was me & some place $crewed my $600 game console I'd be a very noisy customer until they fixed what they broke!!

    I took his xbox to a place in Dandenong today to be looked at to see what damage has been caused. Hopefully for my cousins sake it's nothing to major, but he seemed to think it was the motherboard... will wait and see what is found...

    Just wanted to know if having firmware updated does void warranty, coz if it did then I'd be telling my cousin to take it back to the place he got it done at and demand for it to be fixed free of charge but if the warranty has not been void then he's better off trying to get M$ to fix?

    He'll owe me a few beers for all this I tells ya!! :wink:
  13. If it's an unofficial upgrade then M$ MAY tell him to piss orf.

    When the Canon 300D camera was released, its firmware limited some of the features that the camera had.

    A couple of people hacked the firmware and it unlocked these extra features.

    I know some people had their camera fail whilst still under warranty and once repaired by canon, the original firmware was restored.
  14. Thanks Vic,

    I thought that M$ would try everything to not fix it, but just remember hearing or reading somewhere that the firmware upgrade wasn't supposed to void the warranty like a chip... but I'm not 100% sure?!

    If M$ won't touch it because it has voided warranty I'll be telling my cousin to locate his balls & demand his console to be fixed by the guy that did the upgrade or if it can't be fixed then demand a new console coz it was working before he touched it...
  15. Thanks heaps Vic!! :applause:

    In that second link I found what I was dreading... "open your xbox (void warranty)" :facepalm: so that cancels out taking it back to M$ to fix...

    Will get my cousin to check out that Blade place if the place it's currently at can't fix it or want too much $$$ to fix it?

    I just love Netrider :grin: