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Where to store spare Visor?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by neogeo, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've got a tinted and a clear visor that I use on a daily basis home(8am) - work/uni (9pm)

    So during the mornings I use the tinted, and at night i change it to the clear.

    Currently, I've been storing it inside my backpack that I use to carry with me to and from work.

    A few concerns that I worry for ;
    a. Safety - What will happen if I go for a slide, will it badly damage my spine? (I have proper riding gear on )
    b. Damage to visor - I've noticed scratches on both visors after 2-3 months of alternating. Any way to protect it?

    What do you guys think? What are your experiences?
  2. I bought a tinted visor only a short time a ago and will face the same problem, I store the 'loose' visor in the original plastic slip the tinted one came in, otherwise I'd be using a 'soft' cloth to wrap the visor in, as far 'sliding down the road' simply dont plan to!! My bags on the rack not on my back, hope your jacket has back padding to protect your back!
  3. how longs your ride home if its not long get some clear safety glasses from bunnings
  4. I've got a 'bag' with drawstrings made out of an old T-shirt.
    Keeps the visor clean & scratch free.
  5. I wear Wiley x glasses which have transition lenses and a foam seal around the frames to protect your eyes from wind and debris. I wear these under a dark visor and they are fine for all conditions. Mine cost around $250. But they are worth every cent!
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  6. Yeah my jacket has that extra semi-clone looking object that cushions my spine. But I still paranoid, alternative would be to get a rack, but that would set me back 400ish on something I'll be selling in 6 months when I get my unrestricted license..

    'soft' cloth seems like a good idea. I wonder if there are dedicated visor storage solutions available?
  7. It's now a good 40 minutes of riding goodness! So I guess that would only leave the bunnings option for the ride to the supermarket...
  8. Mind I ask where this drawstringed 'bag' was from?

    Seems like a decent solution!
  9. I use the cloth drawstring bag that came with my helmet, works perfectly.
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  10. China, of course ;)
  11. No, came from the sewing machine at home!
    But the bag that came with the helmet idea sounds good too.
  12. I use a sneaker bag that Fitness First give you when you join - about the only thing my ex. gave me which I still use. The material is nice and soft and doubles as a cleaner for the visor.
  13. I'm liking all these ideas! Brilliant!
  14. Same here (also doubles as a polishing cloth) - I also have a small ventura tail pack that I use instead of a back pack. I do use a back pack some times if I have a lot of stuff to carry but feel the tail pack is a safer option.
  15. I also use my helmet bag. Someone also suggested to me to use the sleeve out of an old pair of flannelette PJs. Just hem both ends, close one end, and put a drawstring in one end.
  16. I've heard of some people stowing them under their jacket around the waist.

    Bag that came with your helmet is a good idea. Otherwise Oxford make a purpose made product that keeps it protected and comes with a strap to put around your waist.

    Personally, I've got a Shoei XR1100 with a clear visor and an amber pinlock insert. No need for multiple visors. I use it in the day and night and it's fantastic. During the day it blocks the glare and during the night it provides great contrast. Bonus is that the visor doesn't fog cause of the pinlock - ever.
  17. I have one of these from A & S in the USA (y)

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  18. +1 for the oxford helmet cover.
  19. That's a good idea, can't believe that didn't even cross my mind.
  20. Mate of mine stores his other visor in a footy sock, works a charm.