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Where to store riding gear..

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Snupple, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    Only been riding for a month now and still learning all the little tricks... like put your gloves on AFTER you have your helmet done up..

    Went to the shopping centre the other day and then had to walk around with my helmet in one hand and my jacket on and felt like a bit of a prat... So I thought if I got a bigger tail bag I could take my jacket off and put it in there while I walk around, or am I dreaming and the jacket will be too big?
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  2. Depends if it has armour in it or not but I'd say not.
    You could always get a lockable cable and string it through an arm of the Jacket then lock the Jacket onto the bike but that wont stop others from "interfering" with it. I've never done it but have considered it.
  3. Why do you need a jacket if you are just riding to the shops?
  4. I put my jacket in my left pannier and my helmet goes onto the bike helmet lock (I've got narrow panniers with this bike, not wide enough for the helmet). If you haven't got panniers then there are plenty of aftermarket solutions like Givi which are lockable and fairly secure.
  5. be bad ass .... wear your jacket and pull a face like a bad actor on "Bikie Wars" :whistle:
  6. I always just wear the damn jacket and carry my helmet. I'm quite happy for people to know I ride and if they don't like it that's their problem, not mine. Also, your helmet is a handy place to carry small items rather than using a basket when all you have is a pack of Smarties or something.
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  7. I like the way you shop!
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  8. Just ride your bike inside the shopping centre and park out the front of the shop
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  9. You can fit a can of Guinness in there if you prefer ;)
  10. I usually lock the helmet to the bars with a keyed bike lock thru the chin bar (so no good cutting the straps. If I have the Ventura bag on, I'll usually put my jacket in there and lock the zips together with a luggage lock. Wouldn't stop someone cutting the bag open, but really only designed for short periods and to keep the mildly honest people more honest. The bag is also locked to the rack, so can't easily be removed.

    If the area looks dodgy, or it's for a long period of time, I'll take them with me.
  11. Topbox or through the cables under the seat if I've got a pillion. If I want every one to know how cool I am, I carry it all.
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  12. We just grab a shopping trolley and throw (put) both helmets and jackets in it......except in winter when we will wear our jackets.

    If the side cases are empty then a helmet will fit in each one and maybe jackets in the top case.

    Or if we take the trailer for shopping then we'll put them in there.

    It's not a hard decision to make depending on the situation we find ourselves in at the time....
  13. If you're carrying the helmet with you, everyone knows you're riding a bike anyway, so why worry about having the jacket on?
  14. It's summer at the moment, it's hot and sweaty enough sitting and riding the bike. Walking around in a bike jacket just makes for more hot, more sweat and more BO.
  15. OP was talking about a shopping centre, so I figure it's cooler in there.
  16. Oh, you ARE a trouble maker, but I like it.:)
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  17. Ducking down the road for Smarties, eh?

    We know what you've been doing. ;)
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  18. Arm through face hole of helmet (or helmet slung by strap if open face). Jacket over same arm if hot or worn if not. Been doing it for 25 years now and don't find it a problem.
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  19. This

    But if you insist on wearing a jacket to the shops, then this.

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  20. out of curiosity, has anyone ever had their helmet stolen or their jacket when theve left it on their bike i've left my helmet hooked up to the rearsets and my jacket just on the seat in the past, and never had anything go missing. this might be partly due to the fact ive only ever had black streetfighters or black ss bikes, or because i park right in front of every door possible...

    these days i just wear my jacket (since its just one less thing to take on and off) and walk around with my helmet. besides, chicks dig it ;)