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Where to Store my New Ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wideone3, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Okay so i literally just bought a Street Triple 660 on friday and am in need of a place to store it. Im 18 and living with parents and although we have a double Garage, Dad already has his 2 bikes in there plus mums mx5. So basically no chance its fitting without some serious movement and even then, with all the crap in it its very unlikely it'll fit. So what are my options? I don't really want to leave it out on the driveway as nature has a way of ruining things. My thought was to build my own garage out of wood or something along those lines. I live on the north shore so its less likely there are people in my neighbourhood out to steal bikes but i still don't want to risk it. Please help and all suggestions with be appreciated.

  2. Short term, get a cover for your bike, but you need to fix something up if you have a street triple! Mother of god that is not a bike you leave lying about!
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    Yes, I recommend something along those lines. What are your building skills like?

    Start with a bike cover and work your way up?

    It'll be OK, he's on the North Shore.
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  4. I live in Berkeley, I have to fight off the indigenous lifeforms nightly to keep my Hyo safe!
  5. I hate fcuking Berklely racists.
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  6. Haha cheers everyone. Yeah I'm not too keen on leaving her outside to battle both nature and them nasty nasty bike thieves. Ill definitely be getting a cover for the short term but will try get some sort of garage/shed up. My building skills arnt too great but ill get a few friends to give me a hand. All it has to do is stand up on its own two feet and have a strong enough door that its not gonna break with a mere gust of wind
  7. When I say indigenous lifeforms, I mean the locals, not anything racist if it wasn't clear:-O
  8. fair enough
  9. if your parents own the place, dynobolt some anchor points and get yourself some heavy duty chains. go through the swing arm, the wheels, and the frame. all on different chains
  10. Put one of your old mans bikes outside, slide the stripple in its place. If you're feeling nice, put a cover over his bike.
    Problem solved haha

    Cheers Ryan
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  11. try this :D image. image.
  12. tell your mum to piss her hairdressers car off outside so you can put your bike in....problem solved and room left over for activities.

    - yes....i'd talk this way to my own mother....she'd probably tell me to get fcuked though.
  13. its ok if they are hot
  14. Bunnings garden shed - get the one with sliding door

  15. 9b6258dd68f3b6ba075540373dadac39.

    Wrong colour but right idea
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  16. Just put a "Hyosung" cover over it.

    No self respecting thief will touch it.
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  17. +1 to the bunnings garden shed, they only take a day to put up, if you're handy with a cement mixer you could pour a concrete floor pretty easily too but since it's your parents house a gravel floor may be better.
  18. Or use pavers over a plastic sheet. Might get a cheap shed from Gumtree or eBay.
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  19. Cheers everyone again. Yeah lots of ideas. I've been looking around at sheds/make shift sheds or a cover. I don't really mind the idea of a cover but would have to bolt it up with some locks as well as a cover as yeah it's kinda something I would rather not lose. I'll take a look at Bunnings stuff soon and go from there. Or as someone said I guess I'll be sharing my bed for a little while
  20. Go for the shed. A 3m x 3m on ebay for $500. One day and all done.

    The way house prices are going on the north shore you should get about the same per week if you rent it out too ;)
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