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Where to source custom paint

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by HasBas, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,

    Before any one suggests Autobarn or SCA. Id like to mention that i work at autobarn.
    Im after a specific paint which i cannot find on our systems and database.
    It is an old porsche colour off a 356.
    Any suggestions as to where i can get me some paint mixed for me? Doesn't really matter if its 2pk or acrylic.
    ive tried V.G auto paints too down at girra. Will try again as I still need to do a bit of homework on the paint im after.
    but would greatly some suggestions :)
    thanks guys!

  2. Hasbas. As you mentioned VG Auto paints. Very good to deal with . I picked up some paint for my Kawasaki versys a few weeks ago.
  3. Thanks for your help!
    I am certain that porsche's code at the time for stone grey was 5710
    i think shops don't have the formula for these codes so im curious if there are like people who specialise in paint mixing ancient paint codes haha
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    be aware some people (forums) have had some issues with the Glasurit formulas for old porsche colours... but.... at least it's a place to start.
    get a test pot, see how it looks.

    as for shops mixing ancient paints.. need an ancient paint mixer :D

    Willholt will supposedly provide an accurate colour card that a local shop could match
    Porsche 356 4"x8" Paint Sample

    a number of links refer to the green aspect of the stone grey Porsche356registry.org • View topic - Help with 5710 Stone Grey (there is a bit in the glasurit formula below)

    and some also talk about it being listed as STEINGRAU or similar

    and... word of caution.. i'm no decent painter... just internet sleuth :p (and could easily be very wrong)

    oh.. just realised the Glasurit thingy has 4 different formulas.. with different code dates... will pic in a minute
  6. hmm, 4 slightly different formula options, on old one, a newer vrsion with different base, then 2 updated versions of those from 2015

    nfi, check em out and see if someone has said they look legit

    note that 1 and 2 are slightly different and updated versions of 4 and 3, respectively (different base),
    and both the updated versions are less green by about 3%
    could be due to comments in forums of too green?