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where to shop for gear on USA holiday?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by OwenMM, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Hi, I'm heading over to USA for a holiday next week and want to pick up some new riding gear while I'm there. Does anybody have any suggestions on where to pick up bargains for jackets, boots etc? A friend suggested chapparals in san bernardino.
    Ill be in San Francisco, Las Vegas, LA, and New York.


  2. better to shop online.

    i had a similar idea to purchase gear
    when I went touring there a while ago.

    the range of products on the shelf was unimpressive.
    yet the same store had a full range of products available online.

    they kept telling me they were the biggest motorcycle store in California,
    and that they could order anything i wanted.

    i explained that i just collected a hire bike,
    and was leaving in about 40 minutes.

    in the end I had to settle for boots two or three models beneath what I wanted.
  3. I'm heading to NY and SF also in the near future. From what I can tell there are no decent shops in Manhattan, but probably a few in SF. I want to get a shoei pinlock visor and inserts but you cant get the online shops to send them to Oz due to restrictions from Shoei. So I'll be looking for a store while I'm over there.
  4. Yeah I've never been able to find a decent store in the US. Most cities don't have many and when you get there what is on the shelf is very disappointing. I'm sure there is an exception somewhere, but I don't know about it.
  5. LA harley was good when i was there in 91.
    If it was me I'd be ordering what you want Now for pickup when you get there. Explain the situation.
  6. Thanks, looks like I'll be heading to chapparals then. A friend who doesn't ride went there last year to buy some gear with someone else, in his words "like bunnings expect bigger!" I'm over there for a few weeks so I can always order stuff in thats not on the shelf.
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    I know it is not bike gear, but the Mini Maglight at Wal-Mart for $8 is always a bargain. Great for gifts

    Maybe get one to keep under your seat fot justin'.
  8. Any suggested sites? I'd love to take advantage of the strong Aussie dollar (y)
  9. USA is like here all the stores are not stocking stuff as everyone is buying online.
  10. Been to the USA many times over the past 5 years. I found online stores that had shopfronts as well. It's actually great to see the gear in life. They've got some Dianese colours we just don't get here and much cheaper.
    Also got my Held gloves at the store instead of online, same price.
    Just have a search on what stores will be close to where you're going.