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Where to service old '93 Suzuki RF600 in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by oobles, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. As the subject says, I've got an old '93 Suzuki RF600. It's been in the garage since last winter. Back then, I managed to flood it and flatten the battery; this bike has a history of really disliking to start in the cold.

    So I figured before the last of the good weather disapears again I'd like to get it started and serviced. Its going to need a pickup from Richmond and hopefully a service that might involve some ideas to keep it going through the winter.

    So any suggestions of where I should take it?

  2. Ring Mick at PBW (performance Bikes & Watercraft).. 95555088... He's in morrabin but is one of the best mechanics in melbourne (just ask anyone else who's been there) I've been seeing him for years...
  3. I saw all the glowing reports for those guys on the site already. Sounds like its the only place to go. :)

    A quick seach on google also turned up dynobike down Moorabin way. ( http://www.dynobike.com/ ) Anyone used them, and is a dyno going to be useful for an old bike like mine?

    Any other suggestions a bit closer to the city?

  4. FWIW - Maurice at Gassit in Fairfield is good and is fairly near to Richmond. I think they'll organize transport in the local area (which I'm sure would include Richmond) too. Speak to either him or Simon.

    Usual "no connection/satisfied customer" disclaimer applies.