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Where to Service my FZ6N in Sutherland?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by freaksauce, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. I just moved to the Shire and need to get a major service done on my Yamaha FZ6N, it just ticked over 25,000km. Can anyone recommend a good place to go?

  2. sydney performance or rb racing in taren pt. Rb is a bit more expensive but they carry more experience.
  3. sydney city motorcycles kogarah?

    i swear by sydney motorcycle wreckers in alexandria though....best place i've dealt with in the workshop and great guys
  4. gotta disagree with ya evel, i've got mates who've gone sydney city and i've never heard a good review. Any of the mechanics in taren pt are above par for a service but sydney performance will probably cost you the least. There's also that bloke in kirawee... name escapes me but he's on the princes hwy.
  5. That's the tiny garage tucked away in the back near the McDonald's, right? I think there's some other motorcycle places near it but I've never seen them open.

    I used to use Caringbah Motorcycles for my Spada since they were "specialists."
  6. Thanks for the suggestions, I'd noticed that new place on Princes Hwy Kirawee too, Mitchell's maybe? I'll look it up. Otherwise I'll call the Taren Point places thanks.