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Where To Service A Honda During Warranty Period [nsw]

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by trotsky, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. I bought a new CBR250R a couple of months back and it's come up for it's first service (1000k)

    Do I have to take it in to a Honda dealer to do servicing while in the warranty period or is any accredited motorcycle service center ok?

    I tried looking this up online, the Honda website says this:


    But I have no idea how the "Limited" warranty differs from my statutory rights as an Australian consumer.
  2. You can service at any mechanic and your warranty wont be void as long as they use genuine parts.
  3. Mike is correct for the Statutory warranty but the Limited warranty is, as you surmise Trotsky, in addition to that. The Limited warranty is for 24 months on most Honda motorcycles the Statutory warranty is only 12 months. So conceivably you could forfeit 12 months of warranty by not using a Honda service centre.

    This doesn't mean that they would not fix things that had a manufacturing fault just that they would be less accommodating for intermittent faults that are difficult to track down if you were in the second year. That's my take on it anyway. :)
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  4. Didn't know Honda made the law in this country.
    Google it. think you will find you can have your bike serviced at ANY licensed motorcycle SERVICE CENTER
    The "mechanic" bit is shit cause 90% of the time you have a second or third year apprentice doing your basic services. And or your retired backyard guy would be good enough.
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    Not at all Brett, The difference is what is required by law "Statutory" and what a manufacturer provides extra to their legal requirements. All manufacturers are required to live up to their legal requirements, if they offer extra services with conditions that's up to them.

    You may have some out under the ACCC clause regarding exclusive dealing but you would need to be able to make a good case that it is restricting your freedom of choice.

    Exclusive dealing generally involves a business
    attaching conditions to the sale of goods that restrict
    the buyer’s freedom to choose with whom, or in what,
    they deal. Exclusive dealing, such as full-line forcing
    (where the consumer is required to purchase two or
    more items from the same trader) or ‘bundling’ (where
    two or more items are sold together as a package), is
    illegal where it has the purpose or effect of
    substantially lessening competition.
  6. Sorry digger I was quoting what Honda replied in the letter.
    They state a mechanic... Pretty sure the law states an establishment.
    Cause when your cam chain tensioner goes on your Honda, and you have a book full of Micks Mower repairs stamps....... I reckon better odds on you getting knocked back than getting it fixed