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Where to ride unreg and unlicenced?

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by Snowman, Jan 24, 2013.

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    Hi guys, me and a few mates want to go riding this sunday, as two who work at a bike shop scored some dirt bikes for the weekend. Only problem is all our bikes are unregistered and another guy recently lost his licence.

    So does anyone know somewhere to go? even a private property whose owner likes beer? :p

    I wish NSW had recreational rego like VIC does :banghead:

    Thanks guys
  2. NSW does have a recreational/conditional rego but it's only for Stockton sand dunes.

    I've heard this place in ok but you need to get the bikes there http://binacrombi.com.au
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  3. moved to the events forums under 'unlicenced group rides'

    please use the correct forums, final warning.
    next time it's a one week ban
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. I think you can ride an unregistered bike on any road with 'M' signage.
    So the M2 and M4 should be fine.
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  6. Thanks for the smart ass comments guys. I won't bother next time. (y)
  7. are you looking for somewhere to ride trail bikes on private property?? or are you looking to ride road bikes on private property?,,
  8. You must be new to forums.
  9. yeah trail bikes, sorry wasn't clear in OP.

    It's a shame coz there really doesn't seem to be anywhere decent to go riding legally. I'm not really into jumps and tracks more exploring fire trails etc.

    I'll get a register-able bike one day it's just such a pain in the ass without it.
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    Only 7 years

    edit: sorry I just get the shits with this place you can't ask a simple question without a dozen smart ass comments I wish people would say something useful or nothing at all it's part of the reason I don't really come on here anymore.
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  11. Thanks man, I looked on their site, it looks like the best option yet. Bit far away but I'll put it to the group. Getting the bikes around isn't an issue we all have utes/trailers.
  12. If you want people to be at you beck and call to answer questions, pay them money.

    If you want them to take time out of their day to answer questions then expect that they will from time to time amuse themselves, and others, with smart ass comments.
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  13. I know this, and I appreciate help when I ask questions I really do. But it isn't just my own threads, every thread I go into has a dozen stupid comments before someone says anything helpful and it really irritates me. Just took until now for me to finally crack the shits and have a winge :p

    But anyway, this isn't a thread for bitching about the site or it's members, there's plenty of other threads for that.
  14. aaaaaanyway, I've got an '06 Yamaha WR250F to play with now, with rego, insurance and I have my licence back too :p

    Happy days!
  15. happy days snowy
    i just lost mine
    the cops just have no sense of humour any more....
  16. another zombie thread - thread has been dormant for two years - commiserations on losing your licence red.