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Where to ride Pakenham way ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Nell84, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. hi all
    im new to this forum and i was wondering if anyone could help me
    i see bikes going warragal way past my area and wanted to know where there is to ride in the surrounding areas

  2. You're in a top spot there Nell. Either head North up through Gembrook C@ckatoo Woori yallock Launching place etc etc, South down to Lang lang Poowong Ranceby Korumburra Leongatha etc etc or East out to Moe Rawson Erica Walhalla Neerim Nojee etc etc. You have the riding world at your doorstep :)
  3. thanks for that roarin now the only problem is which one do i go to theres a few
  4. Does it matter? Explore and enjoy :)
  5. Do all of them! Start local i.e. ride 20 mins or so if you are new to riding, then extend further the next time around. Jump in a car and drive the roads first. Grab a map or look online and head towards the squiggly bits with tarmac on them. Just go :)
  6. +1 from me. Go where the mood takes you :grin:
  7. Just head up Pakenham rd and go whereever the mood takes you. Up to woori yallock then warburton then reefton is my favourite. As the others have said, you are on the doorstep of some of this states best riding roads. Enjoy! :cool:
  8. Seeing we are talking about Pakenham isn't the newly opened bypass great.

    Used it last week and although the trucks were throwing up a fair bit of gravel it has certainly removed several bottle necks on a run to and from Gippsland.
  9. a nice ride from Packy would be..

    Packy to Gembrook to Launching Place to Warby to Donna Buang to Healesville to Marysville and then back via Lillydale, Bayswater etc or the same route...
  10. I haven't had the pleasure yet, but Damn! I'm lookin' forward to NEVER havin' to deal with that friggin' bottleneck through Packy ever again [​IMG]
  11. Hey Nell84,

    Ive just moved from Pakenham and I agree with others here that there are some really great roads up that way.
    If you up for a quick spurt have a go at the pakenham to gembrook to emerald then around the back past cardinia reservoir to upper beaconsfield to Toomuc Valley and back to paky (my personal favourite run).

    If you’re up for a bit longer try going the back way to Lilydale (via Worri Yallock) then out to reefton and back.

    Another nice little ride with a mate or two is through gembrook through the Dandenong’s, stop for a coffee at Pie in the Sky in Olinda.

    I must say Ive missed the riding up that way, having moved to Lang Lang recently. That being said here is some good riding do in the gurdies to Warragul or wonthaggi/PI.

    If you’re up for a ride sometime feel free to drop me a PM, im always looking for a good ridding buddy.