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where to replicating/copy key

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by bbyboy, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. my bike is a '90 cbr250rr and ive only got 1 key for it and i want to make at least 2 copies of it just incase.

    today i went to my local hardware store, mitre 10, bunnings, mister minit, shoe repairer, tobacconist and watch repairer. all offer the service of copying keys but none stock the blanks for my key.

    there are two places that came to my mind but did not check out, the locksmiths and the dealership. but the first word that comes to my mind for those places is: expensive. or am i wrong here?

    are there any places around sydney that offer inexpensive motorbike key copying? to copy a household key cost <$5
  2. locksmiths.
    i went to one to key my key cut, and i was back to my bike with the duplicate and my arse groove was still in the seat :p

  3. How much value do you put on having to replace the barrel because you were to tight to buy a genuine key?
    If a dealer is the only place you can get a blank so be it although I'm surprised you couldn't get one elsewhere.
  4. Triumph wanted $170 for a blank to replicate the key to my Speed Triple. I eventually found a locksmith who spent 15 minutes modifying a slightly different blank and charged me $20 :grin:
  5. did it cost much?

    ebay selling ignition switch and fuel cap with 2 keys for $100. so i reckon i should only pay a fraction of a fraction

    and i did say i wanna make at least 2 copies. that would mean 2x or 3x the cost

    wtf? thats my point. $170 and that just the blank. $20 sounds good
  6. Got a spare cut for my Blackbird, pre-HISS model. Cost me $8. Done at a locksmith. He had one blank left. Dunno what the go is for those with immobiliser electronics built in. Probably have to purchase them from the dealer and then get the locksmith to cut it for you.
  7. went to the locksmith in my area. and to my suprise they had my blanks there and to double that suprise it only cost $6.60 :grin: