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Where to repair and service Piaggio MP3

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Delusional, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. I've just bought Piaggio MP3 300 ie. And already I need to repair it.

    On the very first ride I managed to have minor accident. Nothing serious - bike scratched, I'm limping but everyone is happy anyway (this is my very first bike ever, you see). I took it for a ride twice more before I noticed that something is hanging loose above it's front wheels. Some cord with orange bulb at the end (may be turning light?). It made me think that if one part come loose, something else might be out of order even if I can't see it.

    Who is good at looking after 3-wheeled Piaggios? I bought it from Peter Stevens and they have a workshop but is it the only option in town?
    I'm in Melbourne (Malvern-Chadstone area). Will tow scoot to the mechanic's place. My riding skill (or lack of it) doesn't allow me to venture beyond comfort zone around my place.

    Or I wonder if it is possible to get someone to come and look at it at my place?

    Any suggestions are welcome.

    (this is also posted on scootercommunity forums)
  2. You might want to search 'peter stevens AND service' on here before you take it there...they seem to have a positively glowing reputation from what you can read in comments left on this site...
  3. I suggest you await their replies.

    Also, welcome to the forum.
  4. Thanks people,

    Dry total after some reading and talking seem to be "take it to the dealer". I'll give PS a chance. If I won't survive - I'll come back to complain here :)
  5. Try Pete at Everything Two Wheels - I know he does scooters. He is on St George's Rd - 9077 7312. He does mine and my GFs bike and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Give him a call :)
  6. +1. Go to Pete.
  7. Nah he wont look at an MP3 it's got too many wheels.

    I'm very very sorry I couldn't resist.
  8. If only there was an icon face with a comedy drum roll.
  9. Thanks everybody! I'll remember recommendations for "Everything two wheels" in the future. (Though their name IS kinda off putting in my case ;)

    Just to let you know that my story has a happy development so far - at Peter Stevens they checked out my MP3, fixed the light, removed some fractured plastic "debris" and sent me home for FREE :)

    I'm prowling small streets again !
  10. Out of interest how did the crash happen?
  11. FYI, for future reference I have heard that Scooterama, corner of Brunswick Street
    and Alexandra Parade, Fitzroy North are good.

    Give them a try.
  12. Sorry for late reply. If anyone is interested on my first day I turned left too wide (too fast) and didn't fit into the "planned" trajectory. It was a case of too much thinking and not enough ready reflexes.

    I was doing 25-30 kph tops, it was a small residential street with cars parked along both sides. I could squeeze the brakes (and risk dropping), swerve to the left (and risk overdoing it and slam into left side of the road), or just go ahead and hope I'll be lucky. While all of it was going through my head I hit some car parked on the right.

    Today I would have swerve and brake because I more used to the scoot. I also no longer afraid of dropping it.