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Where to put rego tag on speed triple

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Pez, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Hey there,

    i just brought a speed triple and the dealer put the rego tag under the seat because he said there was no good spot to put it, im ok with that but mr plod may have other ideas...

    any suggestions as to where to put it???


  2. have you got pics as well for where it currently is?
  3. I always kept mine in my jacket pocket... never had any issues.
  4. personally, i feel that that is bad advice. if cops pull you over you can be pretty badly fined
  5. Wasn't advice.

    Just informing him where I put mine. But frankly as I said, a year and half with no issues. And the bike and myself are not exactly shrinking violets.
  6. I know a stack of guys that keep it under the seat - when asked by the cops for rego they just grab it. My rego is in a tube mounted above my number plate - so covered in crud you couldn't read it even if you wanted to. :D
  7. Wrap it around the left fork and put a piece of clear contact over it.

    Entire label clearly visible and mounted on left side of bike - that ticks all the legal boxes doesn't it?
  8. On my cruiser, mine's in a storage compartment. I've had my bike looked over a couple of times - hasn't been an issue. Yet.
  9. yeah it's sittin under the seat still so i may just leave it there

    thanks for the help
  10. The one on my speed triple is in a rego tube under the licence plate.

    Looks like a Flux capacitor !

    Other place I have seen them on this bike is on the chain guard screw. !?
  11. I would seriously be impressed and lining up to buy one if your rego tube looked this

  12. Beat me to it, geeth.

    I mentioned this elsewhere. If you have access to a laminator, consider laminating it, then punching a couple of holes in the sheet and use a couple of small cable ties to affix the label to the bike.

    In Victoria it has to be mounted on the left side of the bike. Most bikes should have a frame tube or similar that would allow the label to be cable tied somewhere. Certainly, it's more flexible in terms of mountability than a label holder that needs to be bolted on.

  13. ok maybe not quite like a flux capacitor.



  14. that's pretty cool. To bad it will have the same fate as all my other holders and fall off the bike.