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Where to purchase paddock stands in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by bradley_curran, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. I want to get a set of front and rear paddock stands for my VTR 250.
    I'll be upgrading soon though, so I was hoping to get a set that would be adjustable enough to handle the narrow swingarm on the VTR and also handle wider swingarms down the track.

    I've seen the Kaneg stands, they look good and they're a decent price. But I think they only deliver. I'd rather pick up from a store in Melbourne if possible.

    There's anderson stands http://www.andersonstands.com/index.html and sharp http://www.sharpracing.com.au/index.php but they seem really expensive! Is it only because they're made in Australia?

    There's these guys too, I'm not sure if they have a store though:
    Are these guys any good?

    Thanks guys.
  2. I bought the aldi ones late last year, they do a good job on my cbr250.
    Have you looked at places like AMX?
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  3. Ebay seller ThirdGearAu. Universal rear paddock stand, $59.95 delivered.

    Mine arrived last week and it does the job just fine.
  4. The Aldi ones are awesome. I picked up a $60 paddock stand not too long ago but it only had one attachment (for pegs).
    A couple of months later, I saw the Aldi paddock stands for sale for $50. The Aldi ones are more durable, offer both a wide and a narrow frame attachment as well as pads AND peg holders (to rest the swingarm / pegs on)

    Seriously recommend the Aldi paddock stands and all their gear in general. I think they sell motorbike stuff about twice a year. I also got my second jacket from Aldi and it was MUCH better quality than the one I got from peter stevens (and one third the price too).
  5. I've got one that I am looking to off load at the moment.

    It is Triumph branded but it a pretty generic item, PM me if your interested....
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  7. $129 at the moment for a pair of front and rear oxfords at PS (saw them at dandenong).
    I only want a rear one... anyone needing a front one only who wants to go halves? ;)
  8. Front one could be handy, do you know if it comes with a set of different size pins?
  9. Bear in mind the VTR has no spools, so a rear stand with pads is required. I got mine from AMX and it was great. I'd previously had an Aldi one and had trouble with it, so gave it away (it's new owner finds it handy tho).
  10. Commonly I find that purchasing things can be done at shops (pronounced shops)You will find these establishments scattered around your local area.
  11. I had Radium rear paddock stand, solid, used it on VTR then Hornet900, just sold it with the horent for $30, the Oxford ones are good, I scored front n back with the new bike, the rear comes with spools and right angle clamps to you can use either on the rear