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where to practice

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by enzise, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. im looking for a place to practice slow riding and u turns and stuff for the p's test.

    i live in sydney in epping/carlingford/parramatta area. anyone know any good open quiet places to practice around here?

  2. Try the P5 carpark at Homebush Bay. There was a thread a few months ago when a kind NR informed everyone that they had marked out a practice circuit there. Do a search for "P5" and the thread should come up.
  3. CaRParks are your best bet. Shopping centers are good for that just go when its late and watch out for trollys.
  4. Schoolgrounds (out of schooltimes, actuall come to think about it, during schooltims might be fun lol), new housing estates - if any in your area (I don't know Syd at all), sports grounds with ashphalt carparks, coldersacks, erm...
  5. Industrial areas are good on weekends, especially sundays theres no one around.
  6. Industrial area are great ,but just cruise around the area first checking for nails and crap on the road ,there is normaly alot of gravel ect ,just check it out.
  7. thanks for the advice looks like im heading down to P5 one day this week. hopefully i can get sum good practice in... got 22 days till p's test...

    went out this arvo and found a few good culdesacs getting resonable good at slow speed u turns but havnt practiced anything else yet.
  8. Wish i had some coldersacks around here..... :shock: :shock:
  9. New housing estates are good, just watch for the inevitable sand on the road from the trucks and builders. Plenty of forward vision though, since they don't have much in the way of cover.
  10. Try sitting on a bag of ice.
  11. i can't help you, you live in melb! there r heaps o great places in sydney so im sure there are some in melb.

    i used local basket ball courts that were unfenced during school hours.

    car parks after hours can be ok.