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Where to practice (inner city Melbourne)?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by zenali, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. I've got my Ls, almost picked out a bike, and I'm looking to get some practice to get my skills up. I read one thread where the author suggested practicing in an empty car park, which sounds good. The only problem is that I live in the city, so the car parks tend to be multi-level Wilsons Parking things... not quite what he had in mind I think.

    So does anybody know any good places to practice near the Melbourne CBD? I'm thinking about working on my cornering, countersteering, slow riding, emergency stopping - that kind of thing. I'd rather not be trying that stuff out on the roads.
  2. Plenty of good places in Docklands. Heaps of car parks, or at the very worst, very quiet roads.
  3. I might have to cruise down to Docklands on the weekend in the car and see what I can find. Good tip - thanks!
  4. Is it just me, or is the Dockland ALWAYS like a ghost town? I've been there a few times for meetings and it always feels like your visiting some "futuristic" movie set from the 70's that's long been abandonded out in the middle of nowhere....

  5. Yea same feeling here. I dont like going there much(coz I got lost alot there too,lol). I always just see a car in the distant that just turns into some side street and disappear.
  6. So should I be waiting for it to get dark (which I've seen mentioned a couple of times around the forum) or just motor out there on a weekend?
  7. The "DOCKLANDS" :shock:
    Most who have entered, have yet to return :eek:hno:
    Bring along your 'vampire' kit, and take care
  8. Docklands is empty as because there're no real businesses or residential developements there. It was developed with a view to the future, and given the number of construction sites popping up, I wouldn't mind wagering that it'll be a completely different place in 5 years.
  9. If you want a hand, chuck me a PM and I can show you a few exercises to get you started. Docklands could be just the spot I've been looking for.
  10. At the risk of the blind leading the blind, I am also more than happy to doa ew rides with you - I have some tried and tested late night quiet spots around inner city that are very good practice runs, and happy to put through the city with you as a confidence booster (someone there with you).

    I personally found riding in the city under lights late at night to be a fantastic way to come up to speed quickly.

    What sorta bike u buying?
  11. Thanks guys - I'll take you both up on your offers once I've got my wheels. Expect PMs over the next few weeks.

    At the moment I'm looking at a Yamaha Scorpio, something small, light, and cheap that my wife can ride as well.


    I'll let you know if that is what we end up buying... hopefully this weekend or next weekend.
  12. As far as location goes, there's always Yarra Boulevard (Kew), as long as you understand that the very low speed limit is enforced... from time to time.
  13. Ummmm.... I am not sure I could think of tooo many places I would prefer NOT to be as a complete new learner... middle aged men in porche's rip around those corners, the road surface is uneven, the road undulates up and down and round bends at the same time, the terrain drops off on one side of the road where there are not chicken wire-like fences and there are road islands in the middle in a few points.....

    NOT newby friendly I don't think?

    Oh and I know someone who stacked there and broke their back as a newby :roll:
  14. Broke their back, eh?

    Note to self: stay away from Yarra Blvd.
  15. come out to Norh Melbourne/West Melbourne/Kensington and cruise around the back bits. I am happy to cruise around with you(When I have the time that is). You could make a little track out of the area. The best way to culminate your learning would be the mystery ride on Thursday Night.
  16. I second that - that's where I am at... though I pref sections of the back strets of Carlton- much better lighting and less speed humps ;)
  17. I'm over in Essendon, work in Carlton, so both work for me. Would love a couple of people to cruise with after work sometime. We should tee something up
  18. Sounds like a plan guys. I'm very central, so North Melb or Carlton are good. Of course, that means driving through the CBD to get there, so I'll need to get some practice in before I go cruising...

    But by the time I've got the bike the worst of the weather should be past, so that's one good thing. :)

    The Thursday mystery ride also sounds good, though I'd want to get a hell of a lot better at traffic before I tried anything like that. Like I said, the most mysterious thing I've ridden in is a big, empty paddock. :)
  19. 'no real businesses or residential developments there'...ahhh..you're kidding, right?

    NAB headquarters - 4000 employees in massive building
    Ericcson building - 3000 emplyees in massive building
    ANZ headquarters under construction - e-f@rken-normous building 7000 employees
    Telstra, Lend Lease, AFL, Australian Customs Service, etc, etc...

    Residential: 10+ MASSIVE apartment towers with THOUSANDS of apartments.

    I wouldn't say there are lots of good open spaces in Docklands for practising slow speed stuff but you could try out the end of North Wharf where there's a fair amount of open space/car parking and bugger all cars - it's also an often used spot for night-time photography of cars/bikes/whatever because there's uninterrupted views back to the city lights.
  20. North Wharf, eh? I'll swing by on the weekend and check it out. Thanks. :)