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Featured Where to practice in Essendon?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Fuzzism, May 4, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, I just got my L and my bike (honda cbr250) last week. During the licensing course, I was confident about my riding skills but yesterday I decided to ride around my block and what a fright that was! I was constantly swirving onto the wrong side of the road, stalling my bike, and could not for the life of me get through a round-about. I did a block and went back home and realized that I needed a LOT more practice. But there's no way I'm going back out on my street. I was hoping to find a large empty area to practice but there doesn't seem to be any in my area. I am on primrose street, essendon and new to Melbourne so I am not familiar with the area.

    My first plan was to go out very late at night around my block but I don't want to wake anybody as my bike is a bit loud. What are my options now? I want to ride but have no idea how to practice or where :(

  2. Head down to Essendon DFO after hours. Plenty of room there, but there is a massive round about to head in though ;)
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  3. ^^^ DFO would an awesome place to practice and not too far from you. Good luck.
  4. Feeling your pain Fuzzism ... so glad to see you on this group, these guys have been just so helpful and downright awesome to me as a newbie to riding - I still shake but I do get out there on the St Kilda roads, little by little :)
  5. You can find a large empty area like DFO but you still have to get to it and unless your own street is a main street with heavy traffic you are probably better off practicing up and down a quiet street first. Once you feel comfortable doing that then head through some major streets to DFO.

    If your street has lots of traffic then look for the closest quiet street.
  6. Thanks guys. Yeah even though I know where the open areas are, my main problem is there. I'm a bit afraid of even practicing on quiet streets because I sometimes mess up or get confused and swerve into the wrong lane, especially when I turn a corner. And if there's an on-coming car when that happens... My riding riding days will be very short-lived!
  7. Do you have a carpark or an open paved area at your house? I did my first 5 or so hours of practice riding in the underground carpark at my apartment building. It wasn't nearly big enough for anything more than start-stops and start-turn-stops but it helped me to get myself comfortable with the basics of clutch operation and motorcycle control in 1st gear in general which boosted my confidence enough to take my practice outside, to a quite street nearby. Even 2-3 40 minute practice sessions of start-stops will make a huge difference.
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  8. Unfortunately not. The house I am staying at has a driveway that leads straight onto the road which can get pretty darn narrow when cars are parked on either side. So if I were to practice there, and a car come my way, there would be very little room for error. One slip up (happens a lot atm) or moment of panic, and I'll run headfirst into the car :hungover:
  9. If what you describe is accurate, then you are not ready for the road. Call the place you did your L's and ask if you can practice again on their track (not a lesson). Most places let you do this for free once you have done a course with them.
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  10. dont worry man.

    just keep practicing.

    my first few days where TERRIFYING, i was blasting around at a facemelting 25kmh and when ever cars came behind me I was terrified. take it easy and dont push too far out the comfortzone
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  11. Agree with this.
  12. what bike would he ride?
  13. Probably theirs......The same one he got his license on. I'm sure there's cost involved but do you really want to recommend he rides 4km to an open space to practice when in actual fact the problem would be those 4km on his way there?
  14. not at all man, thats why I asked
  15. Fair enough. Sorry if I appeared sharp in my response.
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  16. Hey I live 5 mins away from that street. Happy to meet u and escort u up to essendon DFO after hours
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  17. Seconded. And even if they wouldn't allow you to do that for free, you can either try to see if there are personal lessons available in your price range or just take one of the L-plate courses again. It might be costly(as in more expensive than practicing on the street) but if you don't feel comfortable riding around your neighborhood, that might be a good option for you.
  18. Thanks for the responses guys. I identified a lot of things I did wrong while going through my first run in my head. My biggest mistake was not looking where I wanted to go which caused me to go off course. I have a question though; if I am making a left turn, and there are cars/trucks parked right near the intersection to my left, do I look straight through the vehicles and imagine where I want to go (since I can't see through the cars) or only what I can see?
  19. Hey yeah that would be great! I can PM you my schedule but I don't know how to PM...:unsure:
  20. Click on their picture, then when the box pops up, click on "Start a conversation"