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Where to pick up parts in melb and recommended mechanic

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Disco_Dave, May 26, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I am keen to service my own bike and would like to know where i can pick up bike specific parts in melbourne? (for example gaskets, such as the oil filter cover gasket). I am guessing that supercheap etc. will probably be able to supply the filters/plugs etc.

    Also, can anyone recommend a mechanic in the south eastern suburbs (im in moorabbin east) in melbourne that is reasonably priced? When ringing around for standard servicing i was getting quotes that seemed ridiculous (400-500) for changing oil/oil filter, plugs and checkup. Surely this cant be more than 1 hour of labour? (my bike is a GS500F for the record).

  2. Supercheap do sell a range of bike filters but may or may not have something to suit your bike. You may have to order. So probably most reliable bet is your local Susuki distributor.

    $400-$500 sounds bloody high for a oil and filter change but guess it depends on what else is included in the check up. If a proper tune-up then maybe not so bad.

    Changing oil, plugs and filter is nearly as basic as it gets and you can do it your self. The hardest part is likely to be removing any necessary fairings ( if applicable). If you don't know how, get someone who knows how who lives down your way show you for a carton of beer.
  3. I've had bad experiances with Suzuki.

    I ride a suzuki but go to honda for EVERYTHING mechanical.

    Freestyle Honda in Frankston/kananook/seaford area, rocks.

    The head mechanic is the nicest bloke you will ever meet.
  4. I live in Dingley and have used South East Motorcycles near the corner of South Rd and Warrigal Rd. Steve, the mechanic, did my CB250 a few months ago, and the cost came in at under $250. He's a great guy, down to earth, and very experienced - you wont be disappointed.

  5. Hey Ludey,

    Just serviced mine on Saturday, maybe I should write and post a quick tutorial with some pics..

    I buy my parts from bikebiz.com.au, $8 delivery.

    For anything I dont have the tools for, like brake bleeders etc. I take it to Mototechnic on Ferntree Gully Rd.. very reasonable, great service..
  6. thanks for the advice all.
    guggle, what did the service include?
  7. It was a 24K service, so oil, chain, plugs, brakes, tune, checked all the bearings, lines, etc, he adjusted the clutch and checked a few other things I asked for as well.