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Where to park?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by camille, May 31, 2006.

  1. hey guys.... i'm confused......
    i always thought bikes don't need to get parking ticket when parking on street (no lines marked on the floor, between the poles) but i got fined today.... $75......
    there was another biker parking next to me when i was about to leave, told me about my fine, he said he didn't know a parking ticket is required either.....
    so just wanted to confirm, does motorbikes need a parking ticket? if not, what should i do now...? thx.... :cry:

  2. It is simple... Say your bike has no windows and someone stole it. They can not dispute that, where are you supposed to put a ticket for parking on your bike without some dodgy b@stard stealing it ay? :roll: Theives, what can you do about them... Nothing
  3. contact the "motorcycle council of nsw" and ask them for advise and what the rules are to do with parking .
  4. Sydney??? Everyone pays to park, what did you expect :evil:
  5. According to the Grey Ghosts, If the sign says $$ parking, then you need a ticket.

    If you park outside of the $$ parking, like say around the poles of the Monorail, but you don't let any part of your bike be past the pole which says time or $$ parking, then they cannot touch you. Even those scooters which park on the road side of the Monorail poles cannot get booked because they have no reason to book you as you are not in the $$ parking bit. Same goes for the Loading Zones, which are one of the best revenue raisers of all time.

    If you can manage to park on private property, like I have seen some scooters parking on the corner of a building down the bottom end of Pitt St, which is technically not the footpath, they can't touch you. But Building Management can have a cry.

    One great idea would be to make about 10 bike parking spots per city block. that would be about 2 car spots. And have them free of course.
  6. If the ticket has been blown away by the wind or got stolen and you know how much you paid for the parking then you have a valid reason to have the fine overturned.
  7. Here's the rules for NSW.

    You are allowed tp park between the monorail posts and the no parking sign. That area is designated motorcycle parking.

    Other than that, yes motorcycles require a parking ticket if the signs say it.

    No there is no where to put it on the bike. You keep it in your wallet, then if you get fined, you send them a letter with a copy of the ticket.

    Except they then can fine you for failing to display a ticket.

    So in your letter to the council, you have to state it was on the bike, in the rego holder (as you don't have a windscreen).

    For paid spaces (money in meter, no tickets), only one vehicle is allowed to park in each space. If you park in one and another bike parks in it with you, a parking inspector can fine all of you. You then have to prove it was you who parked in it first.

    Complicated? Yes. MccOfNSW campaigning against it? Yep.