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Where to park on unfamiliar driveway

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Samboss260, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Noob question, I know. But thoughts on how to tackle this unfamiliar driveway.

    I need to go to this place tonight, and I've been there in the car, but never the bike. So given that the kerb/driveway is not cut out, and the driveway has a nice incline, where would you park?

    I'll be coming from the direction of the arrow. There will be a car in the left hand driveway parked (opposite where the blue one currently is).

    Thoughts include, taking the kerb on slight angle and park parallel to the road, behind where the parked car would be. Then to leave, slowly manourve over kerb.

    This may seem like a stupid post, but I haven't tackled this sort of kerb on the VFR and as it is a bit heavy I don't want to drop her at slow speed tackling this kerb / driveway.

    Any real suggestions appreciated

  2. Park in the garage
  3. Nice thought, but no option
  4. I would ride across the drive way on to the grass and do a U turn back on to the driveway so as to be facing downhill.
  5. Parking parallel to the road is going to put you at an extreme lean angle either way. If it was me, I'd be going up as straight as possible, parking facing uphill with the bike in gear when I stop. Then back down slowly. At least your feet will be on the same level, so less likely to drop.

    But the garage is the best option. ETA; OK, just saw it isn't an option.
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  6. Can't you park between the 2 doors, where the brick wall is? Look like there would be plenty of space.
  7. See that mail box.... Just ride up too it and get off the bike. The bar will hit nicely on the top and save the bike from falling and you will look a Kewl dude.
    Which ain't gunna help you cause I know that house and they're M.A.D.
  8. Park in the street
  9. Fair point about parking parallel to the road and lean angle.

    My initial thought was to ride up as straight on as I could. Only thing is if I do this, I'd have to paddle it out backwards slowly, over and down that kerb.
  10. So far the safest option is ride straight on and up the driveway. Which means reversing slowly by paddling back.

    Or leave it on the street !
  11. ^^^Agreed.
  12. While i'm a noob, can you try to park it side-on to the garage door? so your kick-stand rests on the flat white area at the entry to the garage.

    (Perhaps about to be shot down for a crappy idea!)
  13. With the lean of the driveway, get that wrong and over you go. Plus getting it into that position would be a PITA.
  14. Anywhere on the drive but leave it in gear.
  15. Enter the driveway as straight on as possible if it's wet, nose up to the garage door next to where the car will be parked and when leaving, cover the rear brake with your foot and slowly roll/paddle back and when clear of the car, lean slightly left putting your left foot down as necessary while turning the bars to the left until you can ride out onto the road. Dont park behind a vehicle in that situation, your bike will get reversed over. By the time you read this you're probably already there.
  16. As per prev suggestions - park facing straight up incline and leave parked in gear. As for backing out, do this without the engine running and use the brakes to keep the pace slow and controlled. If the engine isn't running, you don't have to worry about any distractions and can focus on keeping the descent slow and controlled.
  17. Cheers guys, great advice.
  18. Take a cab and get on the piss,then fall over yourself when leaving.
    Be just like you took the bike.
  19. park in the garage of course
  20. Park on the grass footpath ... use a coke can under the sidestand.
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