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where to park (legally)??? [vic]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mikey_mikestar, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. only been riding about a yr and just moved back to melb. only been riding here about a month, just wondering if im in the city can i park on the footpath (legally). ive seen some bikes on the footpath but have wondered if its legal or theyre just taking a chance or the inspectors just ignore them.
    the same goes for shopping centres i spose. can you park right up near the entrance or will you get snubbed by other riders if not.
    just dont want to piss off the public or other bike riders by doing the wrong thing.

  2. Footpaths are ok, your best answer is on the vicroads website. Shopping Centers, its usually up to the center management, but of your parking in a spot, that is not going to cause them any troubles with safe access, then most likely you will be fine.
  3. thanks thera.
  4. Guidelines for footpath parking available here.
  5. Heres a link i keep handy

  6. thanks guys. that helped.
  7. footpaths are legal, but you have to check for private properties such as shopping centres, universities, etc..as they have differenet regulations.
  8. thanks heaps people
  9. Seriously, does everyone actually dismount and walk their bikes on the footpath like that pamphlet says?

    I always thought it was "shortest way on and off in a safe manner" which I thought (till now) I read in the same type of pamphlet a few years back...
  10. thats been discussed heaps recently. not sure of the outcome, but it wouldn't be hard to find.