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Where to park around UTS?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by taiheung, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Hey fellas,

    Heading into uni tomorrow - does anyone know where I can park my bike around the UTS main city campus tomorrow? I think I'm in the main tower tomorrow.

    Are there any designated motorbike parking spots or good untimed areas??

  2. there is designated motorcycle parking on the street that runs parallel to broadway, also the carpark across the road they charge $5 or something for the day for motorcycles well that was 2 yrs ago so i dont know i'd just ask them, and i think the underground one maybe free which is under the uts building across the road from the main tower but again you will have to check, its a bit of a squeeze to park where they told us to park its in the bicycle rack area down there just ask at the boom gate they will tell you, the boom gate is at the exit on wattle street

    i went to tafe across the road at ultimo
  3. Thanks champ,

    What street are you talking about parrallel to broadway? on ultimo side or surry hills side of Broadway road?
  4. Coming along Brpadway from Parra way, on your left you will hit Jones St a couple of streets after the shopping centre.

    Jones St is the one with Building 10 on it. Continue down Jones (very short street) and take the right at the T intersection. On the right hand side of the road there is bike parking (Chuck a u-ie or come the other way)
  5. basically the ultimo side ie the street that divides UTS and TAFE.
  6. thats the 1 jones street if you go left at the end the enterance to the undergroiud car park isd down abit on the left
  7. Thanks Fellas.
    I'll have a drive around, hopefully there's a space!
  8. sounds like ur in victoria... why cant you just park on the footpath?
  9. Sorry I'll update my profile.
    Sydney NSW here!!!
  10. Bingo. I thinks it's actually called Ultimo road (street, whatever)
  11. nope its called Thomas St :)
  12. Ah yes. Ultimo rd is the one that runs from harris street back towards china town.

    You have to forgive me I was actually remembering from being in the tunnel beneath both of them.