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Where to next???

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Well, after 15 years in the IT industry, mostly in sales, this morning I left my job. When the boss is out of the office and you find the words for a job advertisement on the network printer, it's bad enough. When it's YOUR job that's being advertised, it's time to pack the desk, walk out and lock the door. That's what I did.
    So if anyone knows of a job that would suit a widely-experienced but unquailifed 57 year old with no car and a friendly smile, let me know, huh?

  2. Man, that sucks.

    If it helps, I'm getting a huge number of emails from seek these days, so the market is pretty strong.

    Good luck.
  3. Pardon my ignorance, but what is seek???
  4. www.seek.com.au

    let em know what job you are after and they email job ads everyday.


    Mycareer is another
  5. Ta muchly :grin:
  6. I hear The Rolling Stones are lauching a rockstar supernova type of competition ! :eek:

    . . . micky runs and hides and promises no more mature age jokes

    Apologies Paul, yeah that sucks dogs balls big time !
    Just make sure they pay you your entitlements asap.
    The old company I work for still have not finalised mine after 10months.
    Taking them to the cleaners with interest on top ! ;) . . . it should cover the Raptor ! . . hence the new avatar :grin:
  7. Jeez, Micky, I'm only 57, not 67 :LOL:
  8. That sucks Paul....but no fear...a new job waits just around the corner.

    I'd hire you...just for the friendly smile... :) ....if I had a company :(
  9. Wouldnt it have been better to be redundant at least there might have been a few more bucks :cool: too late now though. Good luck with a new job 57 hey mmmmm thats not goin to be easy matbe sell the honda and retire :grin:
  10. :shock: Sell the Honda? :shock:
  11. paul,
    if you drove a truck (HC) you would be in tomorrow!!
    i dont think the road life would be for you anyway ;)

    best of luck and if i hear anything i'll be sure to let you know :)
  12. Hey Joel, my license is endorsed MR. R. Isn't that a truck license?
  13. MR I think is medium rigid & HR heavy rigid, its a wheel, weight & length thing.

    Paul, I do hope you find something better that keeps your smile :grin: By the sounds of it, they didnt deserve to have you anyway.
  14. That's bad news. Hope it isn't too long till you find another job. Seek should be helpful. Have you tried any recruitment agencies yet? Maybe a careers counsellor might be benefitial if you feel like a complete change. You've got alot of experience so don't worry too much.

    Having a plan can help give you some structure so you won't feel like you are falling through the cracks.

    In the meantime you could write a list of all the (fun) things you'd like to do but haven't had the time because of work commitments. Better still - do them :grin:

    And don't forget to give yourself a break :)

  15. Major bummer Paul, but there will be something out there tailor made for you to fill in the time between rides :grin:

    Sending employment thoughts your way :angel:

    Think of all the things you wanted to get around to doing but didn't have the time and start making a dent in the list :)
  16. Do I hear a round Australia on a Hornet road trip being planned???

    Damn shame about your job dude, I'm sure you'll find something in no time...
  17. Geeze Paul - lucky you got the daughter's wedding out of the way before this happened. Good luck with the job hunting. I'm hoping that your life experience will still count for something these days.
  18. I'm having the biggest de ja vu episode right now.

    has this thread been up before? :\
  19. oh bugga!!! good luck on the hunt; job searching sucks :( wishing you all the best, hope you get something you really enjoy :)
  20. I was made redundent just before christmas last year, so maybe you are thinking of that one.

    FYI Paul, it was the best thing that ever happened. My current job is much better then my last job. Get to build big shit and play with real money.