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Where to next for motorcycle design?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by The Predecessor, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. Most bikes seem to be no more then variations of existing bikes/models.
    Where to for motorcycle design in the future?

    With some recent out-there prototypes, are designs getting to far fetched?
    Do they need to go back to the basics? Of course you're ultimately only limited to ones imagination.


  2. Are you referring to motorcycle styling or motorcycle engineering?
    Styling is IMO a product of society and will change over time as it always has and always will. Engineering is still progressing at a decent rate. The next big change i've heard of will be direct injection of fuel into the cylinder. The date i heard for that was 2008-2009.
  3. I think manufacturers may be realising that although the number of riders is increasing considerably - the number of sportsbike sales is not. Given the increase in cruisers, scooters and nakeds worldwide it seems the biggest new market may be in bikes that are easy to ride. What I reckon may happen over the next few years is a blurring of the line between scooters and bikes - ie making scooters more sporty and bikes easier to ride. You only have to look at the new Aprillia Mana and some of the sportier Maxi scooters to get and idea where bikes may be heading in the near future.
  4. [​IMG]
    Bring on the Bike from Akira I say!!!
    I want to leave vapour trails behind me..LOL

    I think a big turning point will be when hybrid/electric bikes get released on a production scale... different sized/shaped engine and batteries (with different weight distributions) will lead to cutting edge new ways of "makin' it happen"

  5. Yeh electric bikes like the hybrid ones out there in cars will take some really hardcore design to work. The batteries for hybrids are sooo damn heavy.
  6. Looking forward to seeing one of these cruising around Yamaha V Max Concept :grin:
  7. Invisible bikes?

    You suck at the internet :wink: :wink: :p

  8. And jd^ beats me to it :p

    Well played, old bean!
  9. That is so funny...but hes squidding!

    I have designs for motorbikes in which I'm incorporating for the bike I'm building. It is SO special I cant share it with you :p .....just yet. But it will dramatically reduce slipping (sideways and takeoff) eliminate tank-slapping yet be extremely powerful and I think lead the way for future front and rear suspension layouts.
  10. IMHO, the last truly new direction in terms of styling was the first Katana; it's easy to make a case for the modern bikes in some way being sourced back to that (then) radical design.......
  11. I had posted this in an other thread...
    But ust for reference... it has already been done... Sort of.
  12. Best. Thread. Evah!
  13. Funny thing is that 20 years from now people will be saying "Ha ha, look how crusty that R1 (example, I like R1s :p ) looks, can you believe they rode those things??"
  14. I think you're going to see more and more middle of the range bikes on the road, simple singles, parallel twins etc as more commuters get into riding as a neccesity...

    I just don't want to see more and more bloody plastic! :grin:
  15. If plastic weighs less than metal, I don't think you're going to have a choice.....
  16. Wot he said !!
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