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where to look for second hand scooters in south aus

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by furbypimp, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. well its happening im returning back to scooters.
    im selling my getz to get a scooter.
    only thing is i dont want to buy a new one.. only reason is i dont
    wanna spend $5g's on a aprilia although i would love to i cant.
    so im looking for a sr50 factory.
    but where to look? can anyone help me. i dont want one already modded
    i just want one in origanal condition from new with low k's.
    im gonna start in the papers and on bikesales but is there any notice boards or anything around.
    any advice would be much apriciated.
    ps: would love a black and white one but there rare now since not being in production any more.

    i will be puttin the getz in the paper soon aswell.
    2002 FX $8210 or nearest offer.
    more information just ask and i will post more details.
  2. $8,210 lol what a random price :p

    For perth the best bet is a free paper called the Quokka - basically our equivalent of the Trading Post, so i'd start there.
  3. hyundai getz fx 2002
    colour: seaside blue
    air con, power steering, power windows, 6 speaker stereo cd player,
    factory alloys,
    1.5litre twin cam with 134,000kms. service history from new.
    its in excelent condition like i said i wish to return to scooters and winter is the time since there should be some bargains in the paper.
    the price is $8120 yes that is random thats why i say o.n.o. it is a urgant sale.

    im in south australia.
    the add will be going into the tradingpost in the next week or so..and i will have pictures up on there to.
    but if you would like pictures before that just let me know and i will email you some. furbypimp@hotmail.com
  4. nah not going to show n go..i got my previous red devil from there. it was a good scoot but wasnt happy with the service i got when i had called up to ask questions.
    if i buy new i would def go to city skoots paul knows what he talking about.
    i would also go look at euro cycles and peter stevens imports both situated in the city.
  5. nothing but good things said about city skoots...
    hes been awlays helpful to me..