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Where to keep ur bike when parents say no...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by banditbob, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. I've decided to go ahead and buy my first bike, even tho my parents forbid it.

    As such, I'll need to store the bike somewhere nearby but make sure my folkes dont get suspicious.
    I'm simply not earning enough to afford rent and much of my time is taken with studies, so i wont be moving out in the near future.

    I've got friends living nearby, but word could easily spread along the parenting grapevine :?

    So at this stage im thinking either park it at a quiet carpark over at the local shops, or find a place to hide it in the bush near where i live. I'd buy a cover for the bike and lock the wheel etc.

    What are your ideas? The shops and bush are pretty nearby, so there wouldnt be too much inconvenience...just the issue of safety/vandalism.

    Lemme kno what u think.

  2. Same position as yours at one point. I just parked it outside the house, chained to a telegraph pole outside. A day or two later the folks folded and granted permission to keep it inside.

    I wouldn't be too keen on keeping it at the shops. Word spreads quickly amongst the people that flog these things it'll get nicked.

    Police station?
  3. Your parents wouldn't notice you walk in the house with leather jacket, helmet, and gloves?

    How about you just tell them and let them deal with it? 18 is old enough to vote, drink, and ride :grin: (Of course, the later 2 never to be done together!)
  4. Park it in a shopping centre (or in the bush! :shock: ) and it'll be gone within a week. Seriously. Or maybe two days.
    Sounds to me like you've got some issues to confront before you can deal with the whole ownership thing. I sympahise, but I don't think these options are the answer.
  5. I keep mine at my friend's house. Very annoying but whilst i'm under my parents roof i abide by their rules.
  6. Matey its not a problem, just park it where YOUR gonna be living when they inevitably find out, which unless they are blind and or stupid wont be long,Id guess the first time you go for a long ride and get home with helmet hair and bugs splattered on your jacket.

    Just dont be so STUPID do not park it at the shops or in the bush it it will walk
  7. lol, I image their rules are more along the line of "you can't have a bike" rather than "you must park it at a mate's place" :grin:

    Look, I didn't tell my mum about my bike for awhile - mind you that was more to save me the daily phone calls along the lines of "why do you need a bike, you are going to die, why are you doing this to me" etc, etc.

    My advice, if you want a bike, have a quiet chat with the folks and say, I am getting a bike because I want one, then get a bike and have it. The last thing you want is for some cop to break the news to them while you ride in the ambo !!!
  8. Easy keep it at your place and tell your parents your looking after it for a mate whos parents wont let him have one.

    Nah fuk it, kill your parents and tell the courts they mentaly abused you. your out in 8 - 10 with good behaviour, sell the house and buy a brand new bike.
  9. And move out on your own if you don't follow the rules of the house! :evil: :wink:

    If you can't keep it at a house, even at a mates place is OK, don't get it, coz you won't have it long leaving it 'locked up' somewhere out in public, and you sure as hell won't get insurance leaving it out there either.
  10. Thats gold Woodsy, a thread like this deserves a response like that, its about as good an idea as hiding it in the bush
  11. I say even better, at least your bike wont get stolen !!
  12. The cost of moving out can severely dent the dream of having a motorcycle.

    The best outcome is to resolve with your parents you having a motorcycle.
    Sure it's all about rebellion, etc. blah blah blah.

    Don't listen to the hardarses who tell you to just do it. Talk to your parents.
    They most likely have threatened you indirectly with the 'you're not welcome here if you buy a bike' - whilst this is threat, if you try to call their bluff by just going ahead without consulting them, they may feel they HAVE to follow through with it, even though they don't want to.

    Tell them you really want to take up motorcycling, but you love them and don't want to leave home yet.
    See what they say.

    Explain the risks.
    Buy good safety gear.
    Give them a way to withdraw the threat without it looking like you 'won'.
  13. Get a grip,how old are you? Im thinking your over the age of 18,so just tell your parents its just bad luck in a nice way of course. Just cos your living at your parents place does not give them the right to to tell you how to live your life. Do you smoke or drink,and do they have an issue with that? Just about everything you do these days have risks....I say ride and live your life. It's too short...but that's just my opinion.
  14. hey maaatee!!!!!

    your parents arn't dumb (usually) and believe it or not, probably had some rebellious isues in their youth themselves. (VERY HARD TO GET THEM TO ADMIT TO THEM!!)

    If you havn't got your L's yet (or even if you do have them) talk your old man into getting his liscence at the same time.

    I'm sure you can get around him with "c'mon,relive your youth" theme

    do the L's together and problem solved.

    Ya gotta remeber that when we were lads, to get on a bike, you filled in a form for your L's and that was it and you could go and hop on the BIGGEST AND FASTEST bike you could find for as long as you like!!!!

    BUT, a lot of people died in the old days, so show how safely the L's are conducted now.
    Stats shows,deaths on L's and P's has dropped since introduction of compulsory training and the emphasis is on how to survive in the traffic etc.
    They can train any monkey to ride a bike!!!!!!!

    GO TO WORK and keep us all posted on how you go

    patience grasshopper!!

  15. Easy, hide it under your bed.
  16. Compromise, and get a 50cc scooter, and let them take it for a ride....when they see the top speed is 25km/h they will be fine :LOL:
  17. I just got the response - "oh yeah, gonna become an organ doner are ya?" from my parents...I think they knew it was bound to happen :LOL:

    But seriously man, talk to ya olds and see what they say, even negotiate something with them, like not going out on the bike after sunset, so they're not worrying if you'll get hit at night.

    A little bit of coaxing will see them come around. My mum said she didn't think that me doing up my motobike to get it going was a good idea at all, but I jsut told her what I thought about it, and she doesn't bother me about it anymore.

    Don't be stubourn about it, be...negotiable. if that's the word to use :grin:.
  18. For gods sake, grow a set!
    Just take it home, if they kick you out, tell them you are going to run it into the front of the next truck coming the other way.
    Thats what I did with my first road bike, trust me they will let you keep it.
  19. This is what I'm doing.

    I'm nearly 40. My parents, when I started looking at the Vespa of my dreams, decided to have a chat with me. Parents never stop thinking of you as their little girl (or boy).

    They said I had their full support, but that if I wanted a car, they would kick in some cash. If I wanted a bike, I was on my own.

    So I thought that sounded good and started talking myself into the benefits of a car.

    Then, seeing as they would be minor shareholders, they started vetoing my choices of car. I wanted something old and European, but apparently only a Barina would do.

    So I decided to let them keep their money and I am going with my heart.

    I am turning up on Christmas morning, dressed in a Father Christmas suit, on my shiny, bright new Vespa.

    Ho ho ho.

    Then I am riding away. Very fast. But first I will take video footage of my mother crying.

    Merry Christmas everybody! From me and my GTS250ie-to be!
  20. Maybe...I shouldve explained more clearly that my parents are simply not willing to budge.
    Presumptuous comments like 'screw ur parents just get bring it home,' or 'try and talk it over with them.' are just...presumptuous :?

    Lol...basically if I bring a bike home, im out on my ass.

    Ok... maybe keeping a bike in the bush or at the shops aint the best idea...

    If theyre are any brisbane boys willing to help me out (even if I can just keep it round the side?)...

    Police station's not a bad idea either...