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Where to keep ur bike when parents say no...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by banditbob, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. I've decided to go ahead and buy my first bike, even tho my parents forbid it.

    As such, I'll need to store the bike somewhere nearby but make sure my folkes dont get suspicious.
    I'm simply not earning enough to afford rent and much of my time is taken with studies, so i wont be moving out in the near future.

    I've got friends living nearby, but word could easily spread along the parenting grapevine :?

    So at this stage im thinking either park it at a quiet carpark over at the local shops, or find a place to hide it in the bush near where i live. I'd buy a cover for the bike and lock the wheel etc.

    What are your ideas? The shops and bush are pretty nearby, so there wouldnt be too much inconvenience...just the issue of safety/vandalism.

    Lemme kno what u think.

  2. as stated in that other thread, think about it, really really really hard. I'd advise you wait it out until your a bit more financially independant if they're stuck on you not going anywhere near a bike.
  3. I was in a similar situation myself. My parents would not let me have a bike while I lived at home. My honest view is that you should respect your parents view on this while you live with them.

    You won't be able to hide the fact you have a bike, and trying to do so will eventually get you into more trouble. Do you really want your parents to not trust or respect you? It may be difficult having to wait, but in the long term your relationship with your family is surely more important.

    My $10 advice is to either:

    1. Wait until you move out to get a bike (and tell your parents you have one when you do this). Accept that this may be in a year or two...

    2. Discuss with your parents now that you are going to get a bike. Explain to them that you briefly considered going behind their back and getting one anyway and not telling them, but the thought of doing that did not sit well with you and so you want to be open and honest about it.

    3. Move out now and get a bike and explain to your parents why you are moving out, i.e. to be allowed to have a bike.

    At the end of the day you will do whatever you decide to do, however going against your parents wishes on this (and keeping it secret) is one of the worst outcomes you could end up with.... I know it can be frustrating at present, but they are your parents and you are living under their roof and so should respect and abide by their rules....

    Hopefully you'll figure out the answer..

    good luck


  4. Just remember,

    Forgiveness is easier to get than permission....... :cool:
  5. Respect and Trust is easy to lose and hard to regain....


  6. LOL

    You won't remain in possession of the bike for too long if that's your storage plans.

    Even the biggest POS will get ripped if you leave it in a regular position of opportunity. Down the bush? LMFAO :arrow:
  7. Here's the solution :LOL:
  8. had the same problem.
    I bouth the bike and told em i was fixing the electronics for a mate. Then i was testing te electronics for a while. Eventualy i had to declare it on some form and they found out. Buy the time i bought me 2nd bike they got over it.