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Where to keep the helmet?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sweeris, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    I jus hav a question and prob one of those asked so many times in the forum. I dont have any where to keep my helmet when I park my bike. Say when I go into the city I can find parking and all that for my bike but I find it quite annoying at times to carry my helmet every where. I need some advice on where to put my helmet.

  2. Doesn't your bike have a helmet lock? most do. If it doesn't, get a length of cable with a loop on each end and a padlock, lift your seat, pass the cable underneath with the padlock under the seat, pass the cable through the 'D' ring on your helmet, close the padlock and re-fit the seat. The helmet now sits on the seat and is secured by the cable.
  3. If you don't want to leave it paddlocked to your bike, you could put it in the helmet bag and sling it over your shoulder - it's light and easy to carry this way - and you can used it as a barrier between you and the crowd :wink:
  4. it's what you get for riding two wheels, man!

    out of interest, what do you do with your jacket and gloves?

    if you value your helmet do not leave it unattended.

    let's just say there is a story or two floating about where idiots have pissed in the lids and whatnot.

  5. I wouldn't be too concerned about that if I was you, it hasn't happened to me in over 40 years of riding, and I've never known anyone it has happened to either.
  6. Well, for my jacket I just wear it for my gloves I keep it under the seat....

    I might just put it in the helmet bag and chuck it over my shoulder dosent sound like a bad idea...
  7. search for "pacsafe" should show some/a few threads with the same thing you are asking :) For me, I bought http://www.travelgear.com.au/mm5/me...=T&Product_Code=OUT5020&Category_Code=SECMOTO due to this forum with a poster mentioning the product. Damn cool, love it :)

    I saw one (or more? not sure) for sale at Peter Stevens yesterday, pretty sure it was CBD store as I went to Ringwood and City store looking at Triumph gear and noticed one of the stores had the Pacsafe helmet lock in it. Or I might just buy one again for myself as when my partner and I ride together, only one of us gets to lock the helmet to the bike in that case.

    Hmmmmmmmmm, to post or not to post.. :wink:
  8. It happened to my friend.

  9. Anak, open your storage area and near the hinge are hooks on both sides. Put your helmet strap ring over the hook and manouver it until the ring is flat for you to close the storage. The part of the helmet when your neck goes should now be flat against the bike. Close your visa. I'll show you next time if you like.
  10. You could always get an across and keep it in that thing that looks like a fuel tank

  11. [quote="Pinkxie" Close your visa. [/quote]

    Lil' bit off topic but just had to mention it. Told a friend to write on "the whiteboard" (that we use for reminders for communal stuff in our place) "Wazza, remember Clear Visor" as I wanted to look for prices on clear visors when I had time as I was heading out at that time with said friend. So it was now written down so I wouldn't forget about it when I got back home. It's damn easy forgetting 'simple things' being on pain meds 24/7. Anyway, the thing I wanted to say was, my friend wrote "Visa" instead of "Visor" and it's the first time I remember seeing someone (else) write "visa" instead of "visor" and it happened on the same day. Freaky huh? :eek: :LOL:

    Please return to your regular scheduled programming :grin:
  12. haha i like carrying my helmet around. It gets me more attention at late night shopping in Marion :grin:
  13. \

    I just got myself an across, but my heads too big, so the boot wont shut when the helmets inside.
  14. I got a ventura bag attached to my bike with a bike chain looping under the pillion seat. Shove helmet and gloves in there, padlock it shut and you can't tell what's in there... i feel it's better than leaving it out in the open for all to see.

    As for the jacket... i just carry it. Would it work if i ran a cable through the sleaves of the jacket, hung the jacket off the side of the bike and padlocked the cable under the pillion seat?
  15. helmet on seat

    sorry for totally n00b question , but how exactly do you put the helmet on the bike helmet loops under/near the seat. i am going to get a shoei xr1000 and might feel a bit hesitant to leave it, however if i find a good theft policy incl. riding gear then it should be sweet :) people would have to be thick and shortsighted to cut the straps... but i know, it happens.
  16. Re: helmet on seat

    Blond moment - so they're spelt differently?! :roll: :LOL: Probably best to close the credit card too, come to think of it :LOL:

    Sweeris and I have CBRs, I'm not sure about your bike. Come along to a coffee night and I'm sure someone there will be able to show you.
  17. I wouldnt leave my helmet on the hooks. My mate went to Burwood Sydney for 45mins with a pillion chick + 2x$800 shoei helmets. FOURTY FIVE MINUTES. Ofcourse he had to try to hold his tears back but some thieve stanley knifed his helmets away.

    The helmet straps are unless but the dude who stole them would probably sew them together.
  18. Securing a helmet using the straps is not a great idea, but can anyone comment on the cable locks you can get to secure your helmet to the bike? An issue of Fast Bikes came with one for free a few months ago, I think it's by Oxford, but I have not used it yet.
  19. well, i hope ya'll have a spare visor cus if they can't take the helmet, there's the chance your visor will go bye bye.
  20. This may be a dumb question, but anyone got pictures of a "D" strap??
    I read a review on my helmet and it says it's a D strap design...

    Yet when I look at it the D buckle is uber small and only for adjusting the length of the strap not for locking it - for locking it it has a seat belt design. Because of this I can't find a way of physically strapping it to the hooks under the back of the rear seat. I'm confused??