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Where to inflate tyres

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Jimbo14, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. I tried to inflate the tyres on my street triple the other day at the servo and found the connections didnt fit.

    I though that car and motorcycle tyre ports were the same.

    When do u guys inflate your tyres?
  2. Mate, I believe they are the same.
  3. They should be the same, but due to the limited clearance between the valve and the wheel sometimes you cannot get a good seal when trying to inflate the tyre.

    I use a 90 degree connector, remove the valve cap, screw on 90 degree connector and connect the servo pump connector to the 90 degree connector - should work fine.

    Don't trust the pressure gauges that the servos have though. They are notoriously unreliable.

  4. They are the same but you can buy right angle connectors if your having trouble.
  5. I would usually say the same but a few days ago I read an RACQ Survey that found most of the digital ones are fairly accurate. Problem they found is that many just don't work or have connectors coming off and leaking etc. Can't locate the study atm to reference it.

    Best I reckon is to still use your own gauge and pump them up a bit higher then bleed them down to pressure.
  6. I reckon get a foot pump, a good quality gauge and do them at home. The most accurate tyre pressures are obtained when they are cold.
  7. Your on the right track .I inflate mine through that little black valvie thing.
  8. Street triple comes with right angled valves as standard
  9. I use a foot-pump with integrated pressure gauge (verified by independent gauge tool check) and have found that servo gauges, while mostly close, can be 2-3 psi in error.

    Agree with Bumble about cold inflation (as per users manual).