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Where to go from my CB250? Help

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Wet crutch, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. I've been riding my '99 CB250 for more than 12 months now and accumulated 6000 kms. Even the dealer warned me I would get bored with it, but did I listen.

    So now I'm considering my next move.
    (1) New Hyosung 650 naked $9K.
    (2) '98 SV650, 51,000Kms $4K
    (3) 1-3 yr old GSXF750 <$10K
    (4) coworkers VFR800 ~$10K
    (5) coworkers CB900

    I ride less than 30 km per day.
    I love lane splitting.
    I'm 5'10"
    Would take occasionally to the 'gong on weekends.
    I have proven my mechanical abilities to be poor but consistent.
    I love the reliability of the CB250, and she has taken some abuse well.

    I've had some trouble with the front suspension and head bearings so I'm a little shy of second hand bikes that are out of warranty.

    I really need some help from the experienced few to help me understand which bike will carry me through the next 4-5 years.

    Any information or advice is appreciated.

  2. Please tell me your nick is really meant to be 'wet clutch', but you are Japanese.
  3. I've found the CB900 to be fantastic, and believe me it takes some abuse.

    I'd add to that that the bar-mounted mirrors on it make splitting a joy, and whenever I ride a faired bike with fairing-mounted mirrors and I can't move them with the bars, I gotta slow my splitting down.

    As for the others, IMO:

    Hyosung - forget it, they're 5-10 years off being a worthwhile buy, there's all sorts of scary quality issues.

    SV650 - Great bike, good price, worth a closer look.

    GSXF750 - bulky, ugly and underpowered. Not that I've ridden one.

    VFR800 - Great bike, difficult and expensive to work on though.

    CB900 - hello boys!

  4. Yes, he is not a clown just on the web but also at work. Help him out here as I recommended him to you guys for good advice.... I have also pointed to this post on netriders...

    Wet Boy, the CB900 has 24k on the clock with the latest service complete, power commander and is an 03 model. The VIFFER of course is mine and as Loz said can be expensive due to its great technology - pays to know your way around the bike on this one I guess...

  5. exactree!
  6. I must admit to being a fan of the SV650, it's a real blast to ride, but I suspect the Hyosung might be a better deal. I have not ridden the Hyo naked, but I have ridden the 650 cruiser, and it actually went and handled really impressively. The naked can only be better, and new is, well, new, innit.
  7. hyo's are good.... have only played pillion on them so far (still on L's!!) but thought it went great! i was at a hyo dealer this morning having a look and he sold two while I was in the shop! selling like hotcakes apparently!

    they may only be a new face on the aussie market, but they've been around for a while!!!!
  8. Cagiva Raptor 650

    Sexy Italian body, brembo brakes, braided lines, USD forks and Jap engine. Thats what I want !
  9. what's that? an opportunity to post a pic of my bike? excelllent. :grin:


    if you're looking at bikes in the sub 10k market and want an upgrade that you won't get bored of consider the zed. :wink: have fun shopping.
  10. Ducati Monster 620 ~$12k new.

    Service cost isnt too bad ($130 for 1st) and they are at 10k/12 month intervals.

    Upgraded from a CB250 to mine & having a ball, similar daily kms to you.
  11. Dunno about that, seems the people who bag them don't actually include many people who own them. Several threads in here along those lines, and I can't recall a lot of actual facts indicating they are anything but fine bikes. The engine is designed by Suzuki, and there are plenty of Asian market Suzukis that are actually OEM built for them by Hyosung, and have been for many years. In addition, Hyosung make components that go into many Suzuki models.
  12. V-Strom 650? Engine from SV650 in a more daily use-friendly body. Good for commuting, good for a trip out of the city; considered by some the best all-rounder and best value for money you can get. Can be had for around 10k new. The looks... well, I was not a big fan, but they've grown on me, actually. You must like your bikes in blue though, because that's the only colour you can get this year.
  13. Thank you for every one who stayed on topic. I also appreciate that others love their bike so much that they can not miss an opportunity to show it off. It would have helped if they were also for sale in my price range.

    Someone said the Hyo's rust a bit more than most other bikes also. However, I'm really weary of getting another lemon second hand. The "gentlemen" at Sydney City Motorcycles really saw me coming, and must still be laughing about how much I paid for the CB250.

    Is there a reliable bike shop to purchase a Hyo from?
    Anyone know owners? How much have they paid?

    I live in East Ryde and work in the city.
    Who do I get to do maintenance without sticking me for $700 to install a $19 part (yes they tryed, but I did not pay)? I'm happy to travel to get a good deal.

    You guys have been great. I really appreciate all your input, good, bad, scary, supportive. I'm very new to all this, but I love my ride each day and could not go back to a steel cage.

  14. you'll find a whole load of sydney hyo riders here:


    speak to aitken_mc... his dealership is getting ready for a refurbishment and are lcearing all their stock, inc hyos

    I bought my hyo yesterday... collect it on saturday!

    good luck!
  15. MacFfy!

    Lots of bad stuff on that korider site. I'm sure there are thousands of riders not posting there, but it is quite scary if that was the only experience I had to draw from.

  16. lots of bad stuff if that's what you go looking for...

    lots of great stuff too
  17. Everything will be better than CB250 except in fuel economy.

    Take time; look & try all sorts of different bikes (even ones that don't interest you); ask for test rides (to dealers & private sellers).

    If you do all that, you will know the answer to your question.

    Anyway, in your list, CB900 is the best IMHO.
  18. i have been riding for 28 yrs but my girl friend has never rode a bike,but from what i have been reading and riding ,soon as she is out of her 250 restriction she is getting the sv650.i have rode a couple and couldnt fault them .suzuki generally make a good strong product(my last bike was a suzuki hayabusa 1999 model and i caned it at the drags for 2 yrs.)
    it is a good step up from what you have been on,and for what it is worth your cb250-well you couldnt start on a more dependable bike.can i suggest though,that you get the latest sv650 you can comfortably afford,i guess with any bike the later the model the better.
    the hyosungs look good but so do brand new no name televisions,i havent heard anything bad but a suzuki or any other japanese bike must be better(although you pay more for what you get).
    my present bike is a s2r1000 ducati monster and i would think that a sv 650 would probably out last it,i really was impressed with the ones i rode.
    well just my 2 cents worth,i hope it helps,and good luck with your next bike what ever you decide.