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Where to go from L's to P's on the cheap?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gord, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. Paid $300 for the 3-day course to get my L's three months ago, and they want $270 for the test to go to P's!

    Something about that doesn't compute. Can someone suggest a cheaper establishment than Motorcycle Motion? I've looked around a little, but they seem to all be around the $250 mark!!!

    Thanks in advance
  2. Are you just wanting to do the test or are you wanting to do an actual course to progress?
  3. From what I hear the test entails, I think I'd be okay with just the assessment
  4. It was either $240 or $270 for me to get my P's at Rider Bros and that was only the half day course. Later I found out that they do a 10% off special if you mention that you saw their ad on facebook though. Some places give discounts for that kind of stuff so check to see if they have a FB page, you might get a discount that way.
  5. I'd pay $300 never to have to sign into facebook again! [-(
  6. Your loss is the company's gain then.
  7. Ridetek in Gippsland was $215 for the test alone. They have offices in Melb so it might be worthwhile looking at them for your test. Good luck.
  8. Thanks Meags. I've shot them an email. Their sandown location is great for me. Bit of a money grab for a 10 minute test and some paperwork what?
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  9. Must be different there. My L's were cheaper than P's. L's was 2 days through RTA $80-ish and the P's were 1 day course + test for about twice that. Doesn't the RTA run official courses there through 3rd party instructors?
  10. how long ago was that and where?
  11. 3 day course? I got my P's and L's in a total of an hour or less..
  12. Thats what I'm going for!...

    Ridetek (christie) has already responded with a cost of $170, which is by far the cheapest I've seen yet.

    The assessment is left turn, right turn, then a mix of left swerve, right swerve and quick stops right? (victoria)
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