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Where to get your bike dyno tuned in Sydney

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Darwin, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Hey
    Can anyone recommend a reputable place to get a fuel injected bike dyno tuned?
    Preferably a shop running a Dynojet dyno as I have a PCIII usb fitted. and someone close to SE Suburbs


  2. Frasers at Homebush
  3. thanks toecutter
  4. sydney dyno

    somewhere towards the city on parramatta road\

    the guy who owns it name is dave, he is heavily into race bikes, and is a fantastic bloke

    i havent been there yet though, know him from when i was doing tafe, but next time i have my bike in sydney its the first place i am taking it
  5. Talk to flywheels motorcycle engineering, on Mcevoy st Waterloo. he races bikes, and his team are involved with Yamaha racing team to do work on their bikes.
  6. Thanks All

    I spoke to Sydney Dyno, he wants $600 for custom map. I have heard good things but can't justify the huge price difference.

    Spoke to Flywheels, $200-$300, but their dyno is not Dynojet so can't use Tuning Link Software (lets you tune for all throttle positions in 250 rpms for the whole rpm range).They seem like a knowledgeable couple of guys when I paid a visit.

    Spoke to RB racing, they will do for 250 and use Tuning Link software on Dynojet dyno.

    Spoke to Doin' Bikes and will do for $300 with Tuning Link on Dynajet.

    It looks like RB or Doin' seem the best bet so far.
    Anyone had any experiences with above?