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Where to get TT3D: Closer to the Edge?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Timbothecat, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Hi all.

    A little while ago I went and saw this amazing film and I had the privilege of meeting Cameron Donald, one of the riders in the TT on the Isle of Man. I have to admit that I was interested in riding before I saw this, but it started to become a burning desire after watching the movie.

    Anyhoo... it was released on DVD/Blu-Ray yesterday (28th Nov) and I was wondering if any of the learned folks here on the Netrider forum may know where one might procure oneself a copy of said film. 8-[

    I'm hoping that someone might know because I really want to buy this great movie.

    Thanks guys,

  2. Interesting. This page (and the one listed above) has a release date of 14/3/2012 (Oz release anyway)


    update - UK release was 28/11.. I've ordered from these guys before in the UK and they do free delivery world wide (check regions first)

    couple of options




    and there are other options on the site
  3. Thanks guys.

    The UK one was the only one I found and it was for Region 2. I'm about to check out those links, so thanks heaps for the help. =D>

    Just checked them out and I'll be pre-ordering the Blu-Ray version from Ezy DVD tomorrow. Thanks again guys.
  4. If going bluray - bluray only has 3 regions worldwide- Check wikipedia for definitions but UK and OZ are the same

    and 24.99 pounds = AU$40.22 in paypal. So $20 odd cheaper than my first link and about 4 months earlier... yes I have purchased this afternoon.
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  5. I would go Amazon UK for 15 pounds : Link H E R E

    Throw in a few more Blu Rays (Some good X-mas deals going on) to add up to 25 and you get free shipping. :)
  6. Also for those who don't know, Google your <dvd player name> region unlock and you may be able to unlock your DVD player so you can watch any region. Only found out about it after I brought the wrong DVDs, had a Samsung and followed a guide where all you have to do is basically press the controls on the remote and it unlocks. I have a LG one as well which took 5min to unlock.
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  8. Also if anyone missed out on Fastest:


    Might have to right click and 'save link as'

    But also pay for this when its available, Its heaps good too :D
  9. Snowman, you ****ing rock !
    thankyou !!
  10. don't think you can hack blue ray regions either
  11. buy the $40 dvd players made in Taiwan. they ones i have had play everything from any region
  12. They musn't like you, I get free delivery for purchases under 25 pounds....
  13. It generally is for purchases 25 pounds and over but they take off their GST at checkout, which reduces it by 17.5% and often brings it under 25 pounds.

    Also UK and most of europe have the same region coding for Blu ray as Australia
  14. Regions for the Blu-ray standard:-(120]
    A/1: The Americas (except Greenland), and their dependencies, East Asia (except mainland China and Mongolia), and Southeast Asia.
    B/2: Africa, Middle East, Southwest Asia, Europe (except Belarus, Russia and Ukraine), Australia, New Zealand, and their dependencies.
    C/3: Central Asia, East Asia (mainland China and Mongolia only), South Asia, Eastern Europe (Belarus, Russia and Ukraine only), and their dependencies.

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  16. I saw this movie in the cinema, it was awesome not just the motorbike seens, but the way a "doco" was put together to tell such a good story.
  17. It was Muzza, and getting to meet Cameron afterwards was just the cherry on the top -if you're into that sort of thing of course, I personally reckon glazed cherries taste like they've been soaked in decade old pig bile that's been stored in a sewerage lined container, but I've been known to be wrong on occasions before. The movie itself was a masterpiece and I've just been raving about it ever since. So much so in fact that, even though it's about bikes etc, my wife and eldest son are still keen to have a watch of it.
  18. I saw this at Nova (Melbourne) a couple of weeks ago. Great documentary. The 3D didn't really work for me though, it would've been just as good in 2D.