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where to get shell rotella or equivalent?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dazR, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Hi all, I did a search on the forums and have been reading up on diesel oils and I'm gonna give em a go.

    Shell Rotella is only sold in America I think and was wondering if anyone knew where I could find an equivalent type oil to put in my bike?


  2. excuse me what? diesel lubricant in a motorcycle motor? where did you read that one?
  3. Yep, it's been discussed here in one of the many "which oil" threads and if you do a google it's a reasonably common thing in quad bikes.

    NOw what Rotella are you talking about?? there are 5 engine oils in the range.

    From the Shell Rotella site:

  4. So what they are saying is that a heavy diesel oil can sometimes be better for your bike than a car oil..

    what about a motorcycle oil? Surely they'd be suitable :LOL:
    otherwise why would they make motorcycle oils...

    I hope you own and ride an Enfield Taurus diesel bike...
  5. thats right , just because it has motorcycle on the oil bottle means its the best thing to use :evil: :LOL:
  6. probably 15w 40

    but you can't buy rotella in aus can you
  7. I use Shell Rimula X in my bike now, an excellent diesel oil. I used to run Castrol GTX but it is hard to find now(see note below on older oils).
    The thing is, these diesel oils still have a high percentage of anti scuff additives which cushion high pressure sliding components, like cam lobes and gearsets. Most bikes really need these additives as they don't run roller cams or roller rockers.
    These additives were greatly reduced in auto oils due to them damaging catalytic convertors when present in large amounts (like when your car starts using oil).
    Having said that, if you can find older classification auto oils like SE/SF/SG (Castrol GTX, NOT GTX 2 or 3) they also have the high anti scuff protection.
    Or you can buy the boutique motorcycle oils in $25 packaging :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Somewhere in the world, specialist chemical engineers with genius IQs and years of technical study, who spend years designing and improving motorcycle oils by adjusting 50-100 different additives, are wondering,

    how is it you know more about oil than they do?
  9. Yep -Rotella is Rimula here in Aus.
    As for diesel oil in bikes, I have run 15/40 heavy duty diesel oil in my bike for about the last 19,000kms. Started using it at around 50,000kms on the odometer. Runs like a charm & the bike has yet to blow up, use oil or leak oil like water out of every orifice on the engine. And only costs me $32 for 5 litres. So off you go & keep tipping that $90 oil into your bikes if thats what makes you feel all warm & fuzzy.
  10. somewhere in the world is a whole marketing dept employed to extract as much money as possible from you

    now i am sure that you buy motorcycle oil and buy the most expensive possible as it must be the best right ?

    there is a reason that there is a zillion oils on the market and if you read typhoons post you will find some strong reasons for using it

    zinc and other detergents are high in diesel oils , something that bikes like

    feel free to use motorcycle oils only if you so choose, but there is many reasons to use other oils
  11. Have been using $35 a bottle Shell motorbike oil and now have 116,000kms on the bike, had 145,000 on the previous bike when I sold it. Both bikes run fine and have factory spec compression and don't burn a drop of oil or leak.
    Prior to that my 1st Kawasaki got sold at 80,000km running like new, my Honda got sold at about 230,000km (that was a bit smokey but I bought it like that at 120,000km and have no idea what the previous owners were using in it, it certainly didn't get any worse while I had it). So, FWIW. and yes, I ride too many miles on bikes :shock:
  12. Um, no I don't think I EVER have bought the most expensive. And since they have marketers, I'm sure that automatically means their product is no good, eh? eh?

    Yes, I think it is because one oil cannot do all jobs. Just like one bike cannot do the job of an R6 supersport and a Harley Cruiser-tourer.

    And because there are lots of brands, I think if any of them could make a good bike oil for cheaper by filling the bottle with diesel oil, they would, and would sell it cheaper, thus gaining an advantage. There is an argument which says this has already happened.

    I'm going to bow out of this one now, because apparently noone here will admit to having any technical expertise other than "i stuck it in my bike and my bike didn't break". By that argument, my oil keeps tigers away too, cause I haven't seen a tiger since I started using it :LOL: [/quote]
  13. [/quote]

    Why would they do that, when people will pay $20/litre for "motorcycle oil"

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. so your using rimula X right roarin? i was gonna pm ya but realised i need 20 posts

    don't think local autobarn has it, any idea where i could find it
  15. eh, I use ester based oils. I find it doesn't that varnish look on the cams like mineral oil did in my car. I'll do the same with my bike.
  16. Try Repco, also some of the 4wd stores stock oil, as do some of the larger truck stop type servos.
  17. Super Cheep has Rimula X.
    Also, the Repco brand oils are very good, packaged by Mobil. They do a nice SG rated oil too.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Where'd you get the anti tiger oil?
  19. What BS. Nobody needs to hear oil fairy tales. Or maybe it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling?

    I've read that mineral Rotella T is Rimula X and synthetic is Rimula Ultra (which I haven't seen anywhere). Rimula Super is in between the two (CI-4 plus rated like the ultra but not synthetic) and I found it at a Shell servo for $32 for 5 L. I also saw it at Supercheapauto but it was a 20 L drum.

    Repco has a CI-4 plus rated 15W-40 diesel oil for $25... Makes me curious.
  20. It's Mobil Delvac in a Repco bottle. I used to unpack it/enter it into the computer. Just bought some today for my Toyota (if you buy air/fuel filters and Repco oil, you get good time buddy discount). I MAY consider using it in the bike, will see how a twin cam, turbo engine tolerates it (oil analysis).

    Regards, Andrew.