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where to get service?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jaeyon, May 7, 2008.

  1. need to get a 12000km service done on my bike, it hasnt been ridden in months so it needs the works.

    im in sydney, i think there was mention of a decent priced guy in chipping norton?

    bike is an 01 zx6r

  2. Lloyd Penn at Artarmon is highly regarded by most.
  3. on 2 wheels at ctown , cheaper though good service i think, i have oil leaking after i got my service there
  4. you had an oil leak after a service? they dont sound very good to me
  5. do you have any contact details? is Lloyd penn a dealer or a person?

    i remember reading in a post (not sure if it was this forum) but there was a few places in chipping norton which were pretty good. thatd be much more convenient for me as its close to home.
  6. Lloyd is a person and a service workshop only.

    Lloyd Penn Motorcycles
    34 Punch St Artarmon NSW 2064
    ph: (02) 9906 8488
  7. i have recently used lloyd penn, and i dont have any problems with the service i got except he did work I did not authorise.

    if you go there make sure he contacts you before doing anything you didnt ask for.

    i now have a set of brake pads i dont need at home because he changed mine without asking. also changed the fork fluid without asking.
  8. LIVE ???

    Which suburb do you live in?