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Where to get seasonal work from (fruit picking ect????)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Zbike, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. hey can someon point me in the right direction,
    Quit my job wanana ride around oz for a bit, wana pay of my bills by doing some seasonal work like fruit picking ect,

    I know its coming to the end of winter so can anyone tell me what industries need people at this time and how i can get in touch


  2. Unless you've been there and done that, carting hay and picking fruit might be a little more hard yacka than you're expecting. :wink:

    My advice is to hold off until November when the cherries need picking. The cherries will be the easiest of the fruits to pick so it makes sense to have a go at it while still in Victoria. If you need help finding work in a couple of months, pm me and (as long as you don't mind camping) I should be able to sort you out. :)
  3. +1 Seany

    Not much fruit to pick in the middle of winter! :( Come summer time there are signs all around here for fruit pickers.
  4. I would think that in the middle of winter, the place to be trying to pick fruit would be up in Queensland.

    Come spring/summer, you might as well camp your self in Shepparton. Loads of Orchards in the area always looking for Fruit Pickers.

    Just a word of warning. It is extremely physical work. A Lot of people do underestimate how hard and physically draining it is. The different types of fruit make for different picking as well.

    Tomato(e)s are back breaking as you are constantly bending over. Apples (tree fruits) require constant climbing up/down ladders to reach the fruit and then empty your bags.

    Did it when I was younger living in Shepp. Never again thanks.
  5. This time of year you'll need to head north. Dont forget you may pick up a job in any tourist town up there and you may even pick up something else. :wink:

    I agree with the others about how hard picking is but if you are up to it its great fun. The only real trap is a tendency to drink and "smoke" your pay away. :p
  6. Mum does potatoes...physically demanding, monotonous and filthy work.
  7. Go to any backpackers and get a free copy of TNT or any backpacker magazine,of which there are aplenty, and they will have have all the seasons listed,where they are,who to contact,rough rates of pay :blah: or you can WWOOF (willing workers on organic farms) your way around the Oz and indeed the world,but you usually dont get paid for that.
    As mentioned these are not exactly easy options to make cash.Thats why backpackers do them,coz they aint got visa's and have plenty of time,SOME are cash in hand, and can make there buck stretch by livin cheap.
    From memory if you try www.thegumtree.com and choose any oz state,they use to list that stuff as well,or YHA sites did similar
  8. I did fruit picking for a while a few years back. It was on a grape "farm".

    I didn't actually "pick" the fruit, my job was to pick the filled buckets and place them into the large bin being towed behind the tractor.

    Was bloody hard work, considering most days were well above 35 degrees (Was in Mildura) and we worked for 10 odd hours a day.
  9. I have a couple of Seasons of grapes and currents behind me in Mildura. You had better be ready to get up and get started before the sun is up, because by 2 in the afternoon you will want to have enough money in your pocket to justify the time. Because you won't want to be working much later than that.
  10. Is this picking potatoes? or does she just work at a fast food place?

  11. A Brit backpacker friend of mine did tomato-picking for 2 or 3 months to extend her visa. Immigration gave her a huge list of growers and got work very quickly, so there's strong demand for workers. Even when she got there, there were still spaces to be filled.

    As said before, it's really hard work, very monotonous. But they slog away in the day and party on weekdays and weekends. Apparently her co-workers were known for being hungover and puking-sick over the side of the harvesting vehicle as they worked :shock: :LOL:

    She now has gnarled hands and her corneas are stuffed up (but healing) from the grit and dust going under her contacts. But she'd do it again. Masochist.
  12. a word of experience working in tas as a fruit picker / harvesting in my uni break...

    apple; back breaking heavy - paid by the bin. run

    pear; run like hell dont even bother twice as heavy as apple and you get paid by the bin. run quickly

    Grape picking; good job if you quick i was paid per row completed stay

    Cherry picking; is the bomb you are paid by weight or per hour worked start job satisfaction is you get to eat the best cherries! be warned too many and you get the "squirts" stay ++
    May also include cold room stacking and packing...

    Potato harvesting sprats; hand hard work paid per bag filled :roll: never again.

    Carrot Harvesting; boring monotonous work paid per bin filled :roll: never again.

    Seed onion head harvesting; dead easy paid per hour... only draw back you smell like onions, hot! :p

    edit: cauliflower harvesting.. walk behind a tractor bending and cutting the bastards... never ever again..

    Brocoli harvesting: see cauliflower... at least they let you play with knives.

    Non picking jobs;

    Grape training / weaving; fairly easy weaving grapes ona horizontal wire no heavy lifting... paid by row completed

    crop weeding - canola; pay is god just remember to wear leather gloves as canola oil and wood = blisters.

    crop weeding- carrots; on your arse sliding down a hill... yep its a keeper.

    Hop Training; hops make beer... you get paid crap to train vines up a string... flee unless desperate

    er... there are a couple more but you really arent interested... :oops:
  13. the thinning season will soon be here in the goulburn valley. This is training trees and vines before picking starts.
    Hey if i can so it anyone can
  14. road making is seasonal, or so they tell me....
    its just a loooooong season :LOL:

    seriously, want a job where you move around? live out of motels? got your drivers licence?
    get an OH&S greencard, sealing season starts soon :grin:
    (and for casuals it is seasonal)
  15. I've picked grapes, oranges, lemons, mandarins and grapefruit. Grapes are not as physically bad as citrus fruit - up and down ladders and hard work and no bloody spikes that dig in like some citrus has.

    Snakes in the vines are a problem in some areas though - especially along the Murray in SA.

    You might find winter work in Qld and up on the Ord River in WA. Otherise there's not much for a few months.
  16. Bundaberg has year round picking / planting,
    good coin and plenty of work available
  17. Boring Bundaberg :LOL:
  18. thanks alot guys,
    espaecaily for which fruits not to do, and the backpackers magazines
    i dont mind physical work ive worked construction/landscaping in the past.

    As i have no resposibilities ATM, i just wana piss of for a while (but not too long or my GF will start to worry)
  19. correct :LOL:
    i still dont know why i moved from sydney :oops: