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Where to get screens tinted.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Grunge, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Anyone?

    I mean.. for most bikes they're just plastic screens, so can you just go to any tinting place and get it done?

    Also, just wanted to know as my screen's got scratches... is there anywhere that "details" screens? like cleans it up smooth and all that...

    Thanks All! :]
  2. Have you thought of using a product like Nightshades or tinting the screen yourself. Should be able to buy some tint from places like Autobarn, then clean the screen and spray on soapy water apply the film, push the bubbles out with a damp cloth and then leave to dry.

    Much cheaper to do it yourself.
  3. Also you could try ebay. PM fluffydonkey cos I know that he picked one up cheap there, I can't remember exactly how much though.
  4. Also try EAGLESCREENS in perth, they do tinted screens and even dubble buble screens, what ever colour you pick out of their list of colours.

    Nice Place, ship cheaply and there product is excellent.
  5. Okies,

    I've checked with Eagle screens, it'll cost me like, $125, which is okay.

    But being that I'm a cheaparse, I want to know what my other alternatives are.

    Basically does anyone know how much it would cost to get a screen tinted? Also, would prolly have to try to smoothen it out because of the scratches... How does one do this? I do know that they have a replacement windscreen on ebay for $20 atm, so i was thinking to that get that, just in case I eff up my current screen, you know?

    Any help anyone? :]
  6. Have you tried an automotive window tint company? They do whole cars for a couple of hundred bucks, surely a bike screen wouldn't cost much? Dunno how well it'd work though.
  7. Yeah.. I was thinking of calling them up. Just wanted to know if anyone here had any experience, is all.
  8. yeah i wanna tint my visor aswell. i went to a private tinting guy, when i went to tint my freinds car for him. i asked the guy if he did helmets, he said he doesnt. i'm assuming if he didnt know how he wasnt going to bother trying.

    i might try that DIY thing
  9. You cant tint screens on bikes with normal tint film. The screen flexes to much and therefore the tint will crack and stretch. I am sure the visor for your helmet would be the same. I know that a panel shop can do a spray on tint which could work for a screen, but a visor i am not sure.. and to clean up your screen use a very light metal polish, then polish it up with a normal polish..
  10. Screens For Bikes

    152 Leamington St Reservoir 3073
    0412 102 029

    Give them a call, they have nice screens.

    Let us know how you get on.
  11. Just tried to call them. They're on holiday's until the 22nd. I'll call them then. :]
  12. Not sure if this will help just got d/b black screen from e-bay $66.00 all up :shock:
  13. this for a zxr250?
  14. Granted i never looked but i don't recall ever seeing a place that makes a screen for the 250R
  15. Yeah.. I had a look on ebay.. nothing there.... :-(
  16. Just called up screens for bikes, and they've quoted $100..
    all good. :]
  17. The g/f just picked up the screen, so I won't get it until tommorrow, she says it looks fine though. So yeah... pretty good for $100. I'm sure it'll be fine, but I'll let you know how it goes. :]

    Thanx, Vic!
  18. oh one of my bros just used some spray paint and painted his screen so from the front its just black... cheap as chips and a chiko roll
  19. But that's like, opaque black... which is not what I want.
  20. yeah one of the disadvantages not being able to see through it but then again its not very often im tucked away chin on the tank