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Where to get RWC done?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Scottatron, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Hello All,

    Where can one get a bike RWC done? Is it any mechanic (Car for instance) who is a licenced vehicle tester? Or does it have to be a licenced MOTORBIKE tester?

  2. Hi,
    From my memory there's a few places you can get it done around where u live(im in bundoora very close to you). You can try calling Greensborough motorcycles or ace motorcycles. They both do RWC.

    Im not too sure if any mechanic can do it or not.
  3. Thanks matey, think I'll give Redwing a ring tomorrow....though there is a place called "Doc Hogs Harley Clinic" , I wonder if I'd make it out alive? :LOL:
  4. Talk to Ray at Stafford Yamaha. They did a RWC on the wifes Across and their prices are fair. Mostly only bike shops can do a RWC for a bike as it is a seperate licence now.
  5. That the one on Bell St?
  6. DON'T take it to doc hogs - they charge $125. Last time I needed one, I rang redwing honda on bell st, but they were booked out and they refered me to another small workshop on the same side as redwing, but a few doors UP (not down towards mcdonalds, the yamaha shop, etc). Can't remember the name, but they did it straight away and only charged $65.
  7. ACE motorcycle wreckers. get stuff done in a flash, on a budget.
  8. I tried Redwing, booked out.

    Ended up calling Greensborough Motorcycles. Will be costing $77 so all good.