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where to get rear huggers

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by OldBellHelmet, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. anyone know somewhere in sydney or melbourne to get huggers. prefer to go local than OS.
    is for an ER6n 2008

  2. Depends on what you want it made from.
  3. carbon or plastic is fine..im just being lazy.
  4. geelongcarboncraft.com.au i think thats the website
  5. thanks gents will check it out. love that new signature paul.
  6. :LOL: James very kindly posted that in the Sydney Motorcycle Show thread; I thought it was a shame to waste it :LOL:.
  7. thanks all. looks like powerbronze may be the go.
  8. after a few weeks searching 'jesters trick bits' in the UK have come in $100 better than anyone in the rest of the world so they are sending one to me. i put up some pics when i get it.. being christmas it could be february by the time it gets here.
  9. Try an NRL team or a gay sauna :)
  10. due to present illness it did take about 9 seconds to get that....im just glad i follow AFL. as for the sauna...
  11. You follow the GAYFL????

    pewk. :)
  12. well... you ride a BMW... nerr.
  13. well it made it before xmas..fits well and looks good.. they're a bloody rort though.. at least it will save the massive amount of time it takes to clean the front of the swingarm and muffler though.