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where to get pink slip????

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tomcatalex, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Whats beter to get your pink slip from a bike shop or a car mechanic

    do they do brake tests? at the bike shop

    Do all car pinkslip places do bikes or do they have to be able to do light vehicles and bikes. Someone said bike places can only do bikes.

    Ive only ever taken mine to a car garage, he's fussy on tyres and lights but thats all.

    Are they ment to check oil leaks and test ride?? do they do this at a bike shop???
  2. car garage.... check lights, horn and tyres and may test the brakes.

    general look over....easy as
  3. how do they test the brake?
    do they do a brake test report?
  4. Do they need to test the brakes like they do for a car - using that thingamaggig on the brake pedal that gives them a readout of some sort? You know, the bit that they staple to the pink slip ....

    If not, how does a car mechanic test the brakes of a bike?
  5. Here in Victoria, RWC testers use a number of approved pieces of equipment to test motor vehicles. Basically either a roller brake testing machine or a decelerometer.
    I use a decelerometer, which records deceleration forces.
    Not sure what is used to test bikes. :?

    Where to go? A bike shop would be far more experienced IMHO, seeing as they work on bikes day in day out. Then again, you may NOT want someone who's gonna be more so thorough?
  6. No, they just squeeze the levers and rock it and they may want you to demonstrate.

    The testing equipment falls off a bike when ya hit the skids :LOL: :LOL:
  7. I get mine done by the bloke down the road...

    He is a long time rider, but doen't ride the bike... he said that no one can get insurance to ride a customer bike, so therefore he won't test them...

    He also said that anyone who is an authorised inspector and has a motorbike licence can do the pink slip...

    remember that you normal mechanic doesn't do much work on bikes, so he doesn't have a vested interest in failing you... but I guess the opposite is true... if you are relying on them to identify potential problems, they aren't experienced to know what to look for...
  8. $18.40 Goodyear Maroubra Jn. Took 5 mins and didn't even notice that my highbeam button was stuck in :?
  9. I just got my pink slip today at Yagoona for $18.40. He just looked at the front wheel and brake assembly, then proceeded to check the headlight, blinkers, brake light (with both front and back levers) and the horn. It took about 2 minutes all up. Easy.