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where to get new bushes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kawafix, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone.
    What a great site! I have been lurking about a bit and how hope that the finest bike minds on the net can give me a hand with this.

    I am restoring an old 1982 Kawasaki GPZ550 (the first unitrack model) to keep me sane after leaving the office each day.

    I have stripped down the forks to replace the seals but in doing so found that the front fork bushes are quite worn. Not surprisingly when i went off to the Kawasaki dealer I found that they are no longer in stock.

    So I am wondering where abouts in Sydney can you get new bushes made? They look pretty simple, just a metal tube of about 30mm diameter made of what looks like bronze. Or are bushes standard sized things and like bearing shops you can go to a bushing supplier and he will take a look at it and go "righto that's a 60563b" and go out the back and get one for you that's one 10th the price that the dealer will charge you?

    Failing that where can you go in Sydney that have experience in rebuilding old Japanese bike shocks?

    Thanks for any help guys. I feel pretty confident in using a spanner and such but a bit stumped when it comes to getting stuff made up special.
  2. Get on the net. There are MANY companies in the US that specialise in supplying older Kawasaki parts. Mail em over and done.
    And try ZPower in Woolongong too.
    Having owned a couple of older Kwakas, I don't even bother walking in to local shops to buy parts any more.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. I have forwarded you some personal info for a guy via PM who could help i reckon.. :grin:
  4. Shouldn't be too hard a job if you can find someone with access to a lathe and some ability to turn the handles.

    Suitable bearing bronze can be obtained from bearing factors for machining to final size. Compared to the average rotating bearing, the fork bushes get a relatively easy life (low loads, low sliding speeds and decent lubrication) so actual material spec is not critical.

    I'm not entirely sure exactly how your forks go together, but I'd expect anyone making the bushes to need all the mating parts (presumably the stanchion and the slider) to be able to gauge the appropriate fits.
  5. Oh, I was gonna point you towards some nightclubs.
  6. Thanks everone for your help. I thought it would be a simple machining job for someone with the right tools and know how. I have been checking out some of the bearing supplier catalogues just now (thanks Pat8) and seen bronze bushing stock so if i can't find them ready made I have that route available.

    Will keep you posted on how I go. Thanks for the lead Blue14!
  7. If all else fails, Find Glenn Willing in Sydney. If he was good enough to spanner for Wayne Rainey, he will be good enough for you.
  8. If you'd looked around the net last night like I suggested, and paid by credit card, you would have some heading your way by post right now.
    No, I won't point out where to get them from, I am tired of lazy fcukers wanting everyone to do their legwork for them.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Andrew its ok mate.. :grin:

    He will find what he wants eventually... :wink:
  10. Andrew sorry mate if I put you offside. I appreciate that people should a bit of their own nous to figure stuff out for themselves rather that just whinge to someone else to fix their own problems. It is so much more satisfying I reckon to see how something works and at least give it ago. I work on an IT helpdesk and my whole day is dealing with problems that 95% of the time the user if they just used a bit of effort and willingness to try and see what the problem was and read the help file/manual then they would at least be on the right path to fix it themselves! But no people mostly don’t want to spend the time doing it themselves they want it done now and by someone else. And people wonder why IT guys are so bitter and twisted.
    I am waiting for replies from some of the online shops like wesmoto and oldbiker barn on the generic 35mm fork bushing kits they list It seems that from the 1982/83 GPz550 only the upper bush was ever listed as a separate part by Kawasaki. The lower one does not have a separate part number and was at least from Kawasaki only available as part of the stanchion assembly. At $175.00 each on backorder from Kawasaki Japan I thought I might try another approach thanks very much! Also written to some fork tube engineers in the Uk so hopefully will have this sorted soon.
    Thanks you again everyone for your help.
  11. Frankly, $175 a pop sounds pretty good for new stanchions. I'd be tempted to order a pair anyway at that price.