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Where to get my SPADA serviced?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Drew, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. I'm in a spot of bother.

    The SPADA is due for a service and i am rather underwhelmed with my local options (local dealers almost ask you to go away if it's not a trail bike).

    So it looks like i'll be getting it serviced in melbourne...but where.

    Would prefer something on the North/west side but as it's quality that counts i will travel further for a jod job.

    Obviously someone who deals with Hondas or imports would be a good start.

    I can do basic oil + filter myself but i've got a feeling i've done some mischief when i dropped it...carby issue i think.
  2. Hi Drew, did Bolton Motorcycles turn you away?
  3. Not so much as turn away but they show a distinct lack on interest unless it has nobby tires and covered in mud. Their floor stock is 99% farm/trail bikes. (they have 1 CBR600RR, 1 VT250C, and i Suzuki Vstrom. the rest is offroad or farm focused as you'd expect for the area)

    Wasn't really impressed with their customer service though when i was looking for some gear and chain lube..... bought it all in Melb in the end.
  4. You could try Advantage Honda in Hoppers Crossing. Don't know what they're pricing is like but I've been in there a few times and they seem like a nice bunch of guys.
  5. i guess i'll have to look up where that is exactly :oops: driven past lots of sagn pointing to it though :)

    thanks i'll put them on the list
  6. Nope!

    I would heavily suggest you go to City West Yamaha about 4 doors down if you're coming into Werribee (Old Geelong Rd). If you want any info Drew just ask, I had my Spada serviced there.
  7. Well SPADA is now serviced. YAY :grin:

    got some $$ still to spend on fixing stuff though :( (chain, sprockets and head stem bearings)

    Went to City West Yamaha, and i can't say enough good stuff about them, proffesional staff and happy help.

    Service guys are A1, they even managed to find a few extra km/h laying about and stuck em in the little SPADA. :twisted: (now having issues keeping under 120km ) ... it accellerates and cruises a LOT better than it did. Everyhting was explained and estimates privided to complete the required work on the bike.

    price for the service was under $200 including carb balancing and new filters

    Will definately be returning for future services and parts.
  8. Good stuff Drew, I bought my bike and pretty much all my gear from City West. They are a great bunch of guys in there and are willing to help in any way possible. Will definately be heading there to get the ZZR serviced in the next couple of months.
  9. Well I have to offer a formal apology to City West Yamaha.

    I vowed never to head back there after they wouldn't plug my rear tire, wanting to sell me a new one instead. Off down the road for a plug for $ 35.00 and 5 thousand kays of further trouble free riding later I have never set foot back in the store.

    In desparation I went back to City West Yamaha to get a new front tire (I heard they work better when they are round!) and they threw a new Pilot Power onto my rim in 10 minutes. In and out, SWEET!!

    So I have changed my opinion on the place, and I will head back there for further work if required. Top job.