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where to get my jacket fixed?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by meat axe, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. hi all,
    the zip on my jacket broke and i got another one put on at an un-named place and the 2nd time i wore it the crap zip they put on it broke. :evil: i was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of where to get another one put on that is done right the first time.

    cheers in advanced.
  2. The manufacturer of the jacket should be able to do it pretty well, but i suppose it would cost you more including postage and handling too
  3. Mars leathers in Melbourne have a decent reputation I think. Not 100% sure but I think they are on Elizabeth St near all the bike shops.

  4. Motor Tirmmers !

    Do you know any good Motor Trimmers round your way ?

    My local Motor Timmer did my jacket with a thick gauge jip. It has lasted years and is still going strong :)

    Make sure you specify a real chunky zip though. Don't let em use the normal zips.
  5. +1 for Mars as well. I recently had some work done to my jacket which included replacing a zip. They were very particular about using a good quality, strong zip and their work was good. I also had the jacket re-lined as my old lining was almost shredded tatters after so many years.

    I'm happy enough with their service to take my jacket to them again (another zip needs to be replaced and I think I need to get an old repair job that was done by someone else re-stitched). Let us know where you ended up going and what the service was like.
  6. If its Alpinestars, their Australian distributor is:

    Monza Imports
    74 Alfred Street
    North Melbourne
    Victoria 3051
    Ph +61 3 8327 8888
    Fax +61 3 9328 1080

    Web= www.monzaimports.com.au

    They also offer a service of warranty and reparation for the customers
    that purchase from their dealers.
  7. Depends where you live, had all the zips on my jacket replaced at clothing alterations place in Coburg, cheap and good quality zips, no problem since. Place is on Bell St near Sydney Rd corner.
  8. Jacket repair

    Hi there, got a jacket fixed recently in Glen Iris at Walkalong Leathers, give them a call on 9889 2800.
    They did a great job and with a good price....
  9. Fantastic! Just the answers I was looking for. Called Mars just then and they can do a one day turnaround on a zip repair. How very cool. Thanks guys.
  10. I've got the exact problem: my jacket zip broke the other day. I've been using a keychain ring to get by :grin:

    I was at PS the other day and I asked one of the salesperson about repairing it. He asked if I've got the receipt. Apparently if you buy your jacket from them, they can fix it for you.
  11. Yes, they send it down the road to Mars leathers to fix it then you pay for the repairs plus the commission PS put on it too unless it's a warranty issue.

  12. What brand is it - as Dianese have lifetime guarantees on zips
  13. Don't know about OP's jacket, but mine's a dainese. Lifetime guarantee? SWEET! :grin: Thanks for the good news!
  14. Yeah - I bought mine at PS also, and thats one of the reasons I spent the money I did on my jacket, as zips seem to be the most common thing to go... I'm not sure what the process is though