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where to get my 99 triumph 955 serviced and dyno tested??

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by blue, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. i have just bought it and before i do anything i want to get a major service on it .peter stevens quoted me about 700$(not inc dyno).is that the best or are there more triumph specialists out there.

  2. Assuming, from the fact you bought it from PS, that you are in Melbourne, take it to Charlie Yensukjitt at Turn One Motorcycles, Stubbs St Kensington (a couple of doors down from Triumph Australia).
    He used to work for Peter Stevens - knows everything about them.
    Having said that, a major service, if it involves valve gaps etc., isn't going to be far short of what PS quoted anyway.
    TA has at least one good mechanic at the Queensberry st service centre, but I don't think you can be sure he is the one who will work on your bike.
  3. thanks for that.have heard of this charlie guy, just didnt know hwere he was situated.i guess will just have to make sure hes the one who works on the bike.
    just one more question....do other mechanics carry the truimph tune downloads as well or just the official ones?
  4. Just got told on trumph675.net to take my upcoming 675 to the same guy. I guess he is good :)
  5. Someone I know just got their 10,000km Speed Triple service for $214 from Peter Stevens......
  6. Charlie is great, he really knows how to point out the little things that aren't quite right with your bike and is especially good at spending a lot of time telling you how bad a job PS did on your bike last service etc. etc.

    But he doesn't like being wrong and being shown where, and his excuses can be patronising and will insult your intelligence, and if you are left with a warranty claim he really stuffs around because it would seem his relationship with Triumph and Mike is not as cosy as he would have you think.

    Still a lot of people swear by him and according to him send their bikes to him from far flung parts of the continent.
  7. The 10,000k service is a minor one for the Triumphs, apparently every 20,000k is a major service, and is pricey by all accounts.
  8. A bike is a bike. Doesn't take a genius to service one. Go to whichever mechanic has a good reputation and doesn't charge the earth.
  9. True up to a point. Triumphs require the use of special tools for some jobs, though (as do some other brands).
    If your mechanic doesn't have these tools he's likely to stuff around with what he's got rather than buy the proper tool, which can be a recipe for disaster, or extra expense.

    On the subject of Charlie, well what Scooter said has got some basis, but he's looked after me, especially on some things that PS screwed up.
    You kind of have to cultivate the relationship... :wink:
  10. hi, thanks for the info. I went to see charlie couple of weeks ago and he kind of spooked me.I was there for 10mins and all i heard was "this needs fixing and that needs fixing" and then went on to tell me that i shouldnt have bought that particular model.(MAYBE CUZ ITS THE 'ONLY' ONE I LIKE).i left the place a bit annoyed .
    just want to find out if theres more choice in melbourne to get my triumph serviced or am I stuck with PS and Charlie.
  11. I've been happy with PS at Dandenong so far but haven't had any major work done. Should clarify that - I'm talking about the workshop guys not the salesmen. They blew several opportunities to sell bikes to me and others when we were ready and keen to buy.
  12. Charlie has work on my bike,
    no problems

    there is eurobrit in greensborough

    i have not been here for work on bike
    but have got parts here


    any body been here for service
  13. Old thread I know, but I have heard several times in the last few months that these guys http://www.mlmcycles.com.au/about-us.asp down geelong way are good with Triumph service/repair/mods.

    Could be worth the ride considering all the bad service stories from the well known establishments.