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where to get mirrors and levers??

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Drew, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. I'm looking at replacing the clutch/gear levers on the Spada ('cause i ground down the brake a bit :( ) and possibly adding bar end mirrors because i have to turn in the seat to see much other than my shoulders

    Any reccomended places to try for these??

    i've had a look at austreetfigher.com.au and they have some bar end mirrors which "may" be ok.


  2. dont bother with the bar ends; it's probably more trouble than what it's worth. There's a great chance that you've chipped/snapped the thing that holds the bar end. My bike doesnt have bar ends for that reason - i cant install them hahaha

    as for the clutch lever, that should be stocked by any bike shop.

    i dont know if clutch levers are the same (in terms of costs) as a brake lever, but i've seen brake levers for just over $20. This knowledge would have been great at the time i dropped my bike. I paid $40 for a new brake lever in Hornsby (sydney), but later saw one for $25 at a store in brookvale.

    Clutch lever might be harder to install than a brake lever, but if it's anything like a set up on a normal push bike (ie brakes), it should be easy.
  3. how would i have snapped something?? nothing is broken on the bike. The bar end is stillin place.

    What i am looking for is somewhere that stocks extra bits.

    levers are generally models specific, i know that VTR250 ones should fit my spada, so i've got to find some. But genuine spare are pricey.
  4. If you are finding new parts too expensive try and look around at some wreckers. A new brake lever for my bike was going to cost $130 but I was able to pick up a second hand one for $35.
  5. cheers i'll give em a call.
  6. I've got these installed on my bike.


    To be honest, they are not the best for traffic.

    They are hard to adjust, they magnify both sides and obviously they are small. All this make them hard work in traffic.

    Add to this, even in the top mount position, they make lane splitting more difficult.

    If you ride on bike roads on the weekend, then they would be fine.

    They do look horn, however.

    I don't entirely regret my purchase, but just so you've been warned.


    with these:
    would be much more practicle.
  7. woohoo 15 for a clutch and 30 for the brake.

    i actually go through heidelberg fairly often so i'll be able to grab em myself.

    thanks for the offer though